Fake Newshub trying to create a coup where one doesn’t exist

Newshub is running fake news, talking up a coup, obtusely, by running a poll to suggest a replacement for Simon Bridges as leader of the National party.

It is fake news, there is no coup in the offing and if there was I’d know about it. Quote:

Simon Bridges was chosen leader of the National Party a little over five months ago.

It would always be a challenge going up against a popular Prime Minister in Jacinda Ardern, and Mr Bridges has?struggled to register highly?on preferred Prime Minister polls.

During that time, he’s fronted a mixed bag.

At the National Party conference, he announced National will?reduce class sizes?- though the announcement was short on detail, including costs; the day after?Neve was born, he courted controversy for an?interview on Radio Hauraki?in which he said she might go to school in boys’ clothes because of her parents’ politics; and he oversaw his caucus launching a?surprise medicinal cannabis bill.

For the National Party, though, the all-important party vote has remained steady at around 45 percent.

When Mr Bridges pitted for leader, he was up against Amy Adams, Judith Collins, Mark Mitchell and the now-resigned Steven Joyce.

Was he the best choice? Who do you think should lead the National Party?

Todd McClay and Paula Bennett haven’t professed leadership ambitions, but, as deputy leader, Ms Bennett is ranked second on the list, with Mr McClay number five, just after Ms Collins. End quote.

The media desperately want a coup inside National. Maybe because political news is boring and all the pimping of Jacinda’s baby shows there is no baby bump in polling for Labour.

That is a real concern for Labour, they’ve pushed the whole Jacinda and baby thing hard but there has been no benefit to them. That can only mean one thing…Labour will trend downwards, after all they are higher now than they ever were under Helen Clark.

Clark might be nasty but she was at least competent.

The media fear Judith Collins hence the fake news of something she retweeted, while ignoring the lies and spite of Helen Clark.