Feminist angry because women aren’t oppressed

Caption: Imagine if they had no cause, and nobody came? A feminist is angy because women aren’t oppressed

What happens for a Save the Trees campaigner when there are more trees than there used to be? What?s the point of being a gay rights campaigner when gays get their rights?

A problem solved is an existential crisis for an activist. If the issue they?ve dedicated years, if not decades to was finally solved to everyone?s satisfaction, then it would be time to shut up shop and get a day job. Not to mention the end of all those sweet, sweet donations rolling in. An activist with a solved cause is very quickly broke.

But whatever you may say about them, activists are a savvy bunch. If their cause celebre is solved, rather than surrender their public profile and all that lovely cash, activists just find a new cause. Usually by just making up something even more crazy to shout about.

Feminism is a case in point: the old-school feminists, for all their faults, had legitimate gripes. But those have all been solved. Hence the explosion in frivolous or outright fake ?causes? for feminists to whine about. Whether it be ?manspreading? or the fake ?gender wage-gap?, nothing is too pathetic or non-existent so long as it gives feminists something to be angry about.

But nothing makes feminists so angry as women who aren?t oppressed. Because if women aren?t oppressed, then it?s game over for feminism. Quote:

Prof frets that female students don’t feel oppressed enough

A University of Connecticut professor believes that social work courses need a stronger emphasis on feminism and “intersectionality” because too few female students consider “discrimination and subordination” to be “salient issues.” End of quote.

In other words, women aren?t buying the feminist bullshit. So it?s time to shunt them off to Feminism Re-Education camps. Quote:

Cristina Mogro-Wilson, who teaches social work at UConn, surveyed 118 students pursuing a Masters in Social Work (MSW) degree and found that the overwhelming majority of respondents?94 percent of whom were women?do not believe that ?discrimination and subordination? are ?salient issues in women?s lives.? End of quote.

This is especially significant because these kind of ?social science? surveys are usually little more than taking a sounding in an echo-chamber. When social scientists conduct surveys, they almost always take the laziest route and survey the population closest at hand: their students. Which means that all the results of social science ?studies? usually tell us is what middle-class, liberal, American college students think.

Especially salient is the fact that this population?(women studying social work) are one of the populations almost certain to be more sympathetic to feminism than any other. If young women studying liberal arts majors aren?t buying feminism dogmas, then nobody is.

That?s really bad news for feminism. Quote:

The findings are problematic, Mogro-Wilson contends, because without a sense of their own oppression, students may be disinclined to ?embrace the notion of change through unification,? such as in the form of protesting. End of quote.

If leftist academics run out of useful idiots to indoctrinate as protest fodder, the Long March through the institutions suffers a devastating body-blow. After all, how can you violently quash others? free speech, if the only foot-soldiers you can muster are a handful of middle-aged professors?

No wonder this professor is worried that the jig is up. Quote:

Worrying about the potential of a ?post-feminist standpoint among younger women?who no longer see discrimination against women as being a salient issue,? Mogro-Wilson calls for incorporating more intersectionality into the social work curriculum. End of quote.

When you don?t have anything to complain about any more, just make stuff up. Otherwise, activists would have to finally get a real job, which is just too horrible to contemplate.