Feminists need to stand up & support Western culture

A recent CTV clip made in France has received more than 5 million views in 2 weeks. It shows a bearded male punching a girl outside a sidewalk cafe. The full video shows the bearded male passing the girl and remarks are exchanged.

It seems that the male offered sexual remarks to harass the girl who replied: ?shut up?. Each continued to walk but the male paused to pick up an ashtray to throw it across the cafe where about a dozen young people were seated. He then doubled back to hail the girl who came back to receive a violent punch to the head. The response of the cafe folk has been commented on by Katie Hopkins? (a well-known commentator on Islamic culture in the UK ) but she does not mention Islam or the Muslim treatment of women once in her twitter feed.

Instead, she challenges modern feminists ?with their steel vaginas? to stand up. This is because they did not do so in the cafe. As she does not mention Islam we won’t here, but she raises the second point (without speaking about it) in terms of her absolute inability to mention Islam for fear that her twitter account might be shut down and that she might be hauled in front of the UK hate speech police. Good luck to her on both accounts.

The cafe is not in the Muslim parts of Paris (such as St Denis) and if it were what differences would there be? ?Males? Probably no change, but females? They would be covered up so it might be that the girl in red might be chastised by one of the men in her family for being ?uncovered?. That being the case there is nothing unusual in such a punchup (Sharia permits such things) and it is doubtful that anyone would stand up to offer protection.

Is this how things are to be? Not in my New Zealand!

Now a picture from Dubai, capital of United Arab Emirates adjoining (on the East diametrically opposite to Mecca on the west) Saudi Arabia which is Wahhabi Islamic. The Saudis (and UAE) are looking to rich citizens from other countries to visit as tourists for an economic life after the oil runs out. But those tourists bring their Western culture with them.

It is hard to believe that such a photo was not set up: it is so rich with meaning. In keeping with Western culture, the blond girl is dressing for the climate and for her future role as mate and possibly mother. She will attract the boldest males who may also be the wealthiest. There may be romance and love. We wish her the best! The two in black look at her: the blond is not bothered by them. Are they envious? Are they aghast at the risk she takes? At best the two in black have already decided to cover up to deflect any male interest that the blond may covet. They cover up for either or both of these reasons

(1) Their menfolk require it and will chastise them if they don’t – beatings are allowed

(2) They choose to cover up – it is their choice and piety is likely to be the top reason (which does not rule out option 1).

Further, they know that the choice of their mate will be made for them. Refusal will be out of the question as family honour permits extreme sanctions.

I am male and there is no question which option I prefer.

The Sunday (5 Aug 2018) interview of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux featured a young Muslim woman, Fatumata Bah, being made up for her appearance. She appeared in a hijab – as Muslim women do but with makeup on contrary to Islamic code. Makeup on women is tolerated inside the Muslim home, but not for strangers.

So we are seeing Islam made acceptable to Westerners here. It is a sham. In countries like Iran, a woman wearing makeup is subject to attention by the morality police.

We need to be able to choose what is acceptable in our country too.


by andinz