First MasterCard & Visa came for the Jews and I said nothing UPDATED


*UPDATE I was incorrect in stating that Robert Spencer is Jewish. He is Catholic.

In the space of less than two weeks, Mastercard has gone after two high profile Jewish men, Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch and David Horowitz from the David Horowitz Freedom Centre. Visa has joined in the financial attack and so has Patreon and GoFundMe.? Patreon was forced?by Mastercard to cut off Robert Spencer which they did with no warning.

Mastercard and Visa were talked into cutting off both men and their organisations by the Southern Poverty?Law Centre that is funded by liberal Billionaires like George Soros. Fox news explains Quote.

As I explained in a 2016 Fox News Opinion?article, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a left wing smear machine that tries to denigrate conservative individuals and organizations by lumping them together with white nationalists, KKK members and neo-Nazis on so-called hate lists. In a recent Frontpage Magazine?article, Daniel Greenfield described the SPLC as ?one of the longest running malicious jokes on the internet.?? Conservatives targeted by the SPLC include American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray, Accuracy in Media President Cliff Kinkaid (who SPLC has singled out for challenging global warming), the Family Research Council, and WorldNetDaily founder Joseph Farah.

Smearing anyone who speaks out against radical Islam is one of the SPLC?s priorities.? Accordingly, it has placed on its hate lists Jihad Watch and its Director Robert Spencer; American Freedom Defense Initiative and its director Pamela Geller; and Maajid Nawaz a Muslim reformer who runs Quilliam, a London-based organization that aims to counter jihadism and extremism.? My organization, the Center for Security Policy and our president Frank Gaffney, also are on the SPLC?s hate lists due to our principled stand against the Global Jihad Movement.End quote.

As you can see the Southern Poverty Law Centre is well known for smearing conservative groups as hate groups in order to harm them. Despite the fact that David Horowitz was a founding intellectual member of the New Left in the 1960s, and an advocate for civil rights and equality the Southern Poverty law Centre have smeared him as being?anti-Muslim,?anti-immigrant?and anti-black.

In reality, David Horowitz is seen as a threat by the Left because for three decades now he has been speaking out against “the evils that the Left has waged against America.” The purpose of his Freedom Center is to “educate Americans on who the troops of the Left are, what they want, and what their plan of battle is.”

As this co-ordinated financial attack on both David Horowitz and Robert Spencer continues, in the background social media giants are censoring, deplatforming?and taking away the revenue of conservative speakers with huge followings on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Even groups like Patreon and GoFundMe have joined in the mass purge preventing people?from sending money to the groups and speakers that they want to support financially.

This is incredibly serious stuff. People and groups with massive numbers of followers and substantial revenue streams are having them cut off completely and so many groups are now doing it finding an alternative platform may now be impossible.

Paypal started doing this a year or two ago which concerned us so much at Whaleoil?that we added Stripe as a payment platform. We learned that Paypal can pull the rug out from under us at any time and can even choose to kick us off and to take three months before they pay us the money we are owed. Even worse they get to keep all the information about our customers so we would be prevented from moving them over to another provider.

Robert Spencer

To run a conservative website that defends free speech and speaks out about Jihad and the left is now a risky business as having a large following cannot protect you if all of the payment providers are having their strings pulled by anti-free speech, Islam supporting, ‘liberal billionaires’

I can only pray that a payment platform for conservatives is created where they can offer customers the security of knowing that they will not kowtow to the demands of anti-free speech activists and puppet masters like George Soros who use their influence to deny others revenue and a platform.

If you would like to subscribe to Whaleoil please consider choosing the debit/credit card option ( Stripe) rather than Paypal when signing up. Stripe as yet does not have a history of denying its services to conservative customers whereas Paypal has pulled the rug out on customers in the past like Lauren Southern who was cut off by Patreon at the same time that Paypal gave her the boot.