First test pack for The Whale Meat Company arrives

Yesterday I was at The Whale Meat Company global headquarters looking at the first meat pack.

The sample pack was arranged so we could test the meat boxes and also look at the quality of the product offerings. I am very pleased to report that we have the boxes sorted, which will also be able to be re-used as beer chillers or fish bins.

The meat looks superb and last night I tucked into some very tasty and thick ham steaks. They were demolished in short order. The bacon packs don’t have water sloshing about in them. All the meat is restaurant quality and the steaks are proper thick steaks not skinny schnitzel type things like you get at a supermarket. Most importantly the meat is all non-halal and lovingly packed within sniffing distance of pork and bacon.? ?

Some people have been asking why I am getting into the meat trade. Well, it is simple really.

After Dirty politics the left-wing have spent several years trying to undermine advertisers, sponsors and any other income we derive. That was the whole aim of Dirty Politics and it is interesting that a dirty politics lawyer is now assisting in two of the forlorn vexatious defamation cases that are being pursued against me despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary about their claims.

So, having my own products makes them boycott proof. There will be no undermining of sponsor or advertisers as they are my own products and companies. So by supporting The Whale Meat Company you will be ensuring that we remain as one of the strongest centre-right, conservative voices in a sea of left-wing media.

There will be other products coming soon, but this is the first one. If you are interested in being amongst the first to order products when we go live then subscribe to The Whale Meat Company mailing list.

With freedom of speech under attack conservative voices need to be supported. This is a way to support us and enjoy tasty, non-halal meat products as well.

You may ask why I’ve decided to have non-halal meat products. Well, our meat is stunning, in more ways than one…

Of course in the unlikely event, you don’t like meat, you can always subscribe, or upgrade your subscription to enjoy our premium content…at the very least you can have the ads removed.