First they came for Alex Jones: Now they’re coming for the left

Caption: Well, we tried to warn you

Caitlyn Johnstone is one of that vanishing breed, a left-winger with brains and integrity. Of course I don?t agree with her on everything (or much), but unlike the tribalist, useless idiots dominating left-wing politics, Johnstone is rational and honest. She is also?brave enough to stand up to the mob mentality. Quote:

In the controversy surrounding the coordinated corporate censorship of Alex Jones? notorious Infowars franchise across multiple online platforms, journalist Glenn Greenwald made an under-appreciated tweet in response to the various leftists and Democrats who?ve attacked anyone objecting to the censorship as ?defending Alex Jones.?

?The world?s dumbest and/or most deceitful people have always been those who equate ?I defend X?s right to speak? with ?I defend X and their ideas,?? wrote Greenwald. ?It?s the scummiest tactic there is. They did it to Chomsky when he opposed prosecuting a Holocaust denier.? End of quote.

Glenn Greenwald, agree with him or not, is another journalist who tries to stand above the comforting clangour of tribalism. When massive corporations colluded to silence an obnoxiously independent broadcaster, Greenwald was not afraid to call it for what it was. Quote:

Principled leftists have objected to the way a handful of Silicon Valley plutocrats have been handed unlimited authority to determine what ideas and information are suitable for public consumption and coordinate to remove the online audiences of any speaker deemed unsuitable. The fact that they started with a widely reviled speaker shouldn?t matter, the argument goes, because sooner or later the powerful people who are able to censor will begin censoring in the interests of power. End of quote.

Not that what Johnstone calls? the McResistance rainbow-flag-on-a Reaper-drone ?left?? cared. All that mattered to them was claiming a scalp. Anyone who tried to tell them that the knives were being sharpened for their own precious heads got a swift ice-pick between the ears. Quote:

These few principled leftists brave enough to take a strong stand on the issue have been attacked and smeared with amazing viciousness by leftists who are blinded by their hatred of Jones, and by Democrats who know that censorship will never hurt their power-enabling faction?
?And now, just days after these foam-brained livestock applauded the removal of Alex Jones? audience by their beneficent Silicon Valley overlords, we are already seeing Facebook deleting the pages of leftist outlets. Imagine that.

TeleSUR English, the English version of a prominent left-leaning Latin American publication, has had its Facebook page deleted without explanation?Five days earlier, the left-leaning Facebook page of Venezuela Analysis was temporarily unpublished, reportedly just as it had a story getting high-performing circulation regarding The Guardian‘s fact-free conspiratorial false flag allegations about the attempt on President Maduro?s life. End of quote.

The left: Smirking all the way to the chopping block

Now, you or I might or might not agree with TeleSUR or Venezuela Analysis, but that?s beside the point. I don?t agree with Alex Jones much, either (although I often find him hilarious). It might also be tempting to say ?I told you so?, and sit back in a comfortable fog of schadenfreude as leftists get their comeuppance, but that?s beside the point, too.

Free speech is indivisible and universal. Either everyone is free, or none of us is. Quote:

This isn?t a game. We have no time to be playing around cheering for the silencing of political opponents while the noose gets tighter and tighter. In a corporate system of government, corporate censorship is state censorship?online dialogue has been funneled into platforms owned by billionaires with clear, demonstrable ties to government agencies, and now they?re beginning to censor that dialogue. The longer we wait to fight this, the weaker we become and the more tightly constricted our voices get. End of quote.