First they came for the conservative Youtubers

First, they came for the conservative Youtubers.

And people said nothing.

Then they came for ‘ classic liberal’? Youtubers

And people said nothing.

” Classic liberal’ Dave Rubin

Talk show host?Dave Rubin claimed YouTube financially censored his videos when the platform “demonetized” them.

“It appears at least that there’s some pretty shady stuff going on,” the host of “The Rubin Report” told Tucker.

The mammoth video platform put out a statement claiming that 90 percent of Rubin’s videos were monetized and those that weren’t contained adult topics, which are objectionable to some advertisers.

-Fox News

If you thought that little old New Zealand Youtubers would be exempt from this kind of treatment you would be wrong.

Whaleoil contributor and founding member of the Free Speech Coalition (and classic liberal), Rachel Poulain was sent this message about one of her most popular videos last night.


Do you think that this video deserves an R18 classification?