Free speech under attack: VicSoc unspeaks Goldsteinism

Caption: Double-plus good: Now the proles of VicSoc won’t hear the lies of Goldstein

I recently wrote of a rare win for free speech in Australia. But, as always, it’s one step forward, two steps back

In George Orwell?s 1984, ?Goldstein? is the mysterious, all-purpose enemy of the Party. No-one really knows what Goldstein believes, or if he even really exists; all they know is that they must publicly demonstrate their loyalty to the Party by hating Goldstein as extravagantly as possible. The true function of Goldstein, of course, is to detract from the real failures of the Party, and the problems plaguing ?IngSoc? (Socialist England).

The socialist Labor government of the Australian state of Victoria is in deep trouble. An election is due in months, and the Andrews government is just one seat away from oblivion. Public anger at rampant African gang crime, which the government has steadily denied even exists, is at boiling point. A union-backed campaign against the much-loved volunteer Country Fire Authority angered many Victorians. Police have raided the homes of Labor staff as part of the criminal investigation into the ?Red Shirts? scandal, the alleged illegal use of taxpayer funds in the last election campaign.

VicSoc desperately needs something to distract the proles. So they have very publicly un-personed one of their most hated Goldsteins. Quote:

[Transport Minister Jacinta] Allan today defended her decision to ban Sky News from Victorian train stations in a train wreck interview with Sky presenters Laura Jayes and David Speers, but was unable to give specific examples of offensive content that had been aired on train station platforms. End of quote.

But, as Caroline Overington writes, the claim that the decision was made because of the broadcast of an interview with controversial activist Blair Cottrell is a lie. Quote:

The decision to ban Sky is 100 per cent political.

How do we know?

Because it wasn?t like Cottrell was making his media debut on Sky. He?s been spraying his particular brand of hate all over town for years, including, wait for it, on the ABC.

The ABC is beamed into Melbourne?s Federation Square every day?Cottrell has also appeared on the Seven Network?Did the Victorian government ban Seven from the town?s big screens? No. End of quote.

The Project, led by the left?s smug, poster-boy pet Muslim, is the flagship of smirking leftism in Australia. And guess what? Quote:

Ten?s The Project also tried to get him on. He turned them down. End of quote.

So, Cottrell has been broadcast or sought out by every television network in town. But only Sky, which has been hammering the Andrews government, has been un-personed.

When pressed to explain her decision, Jacinta Allen responded with a ?trainwreck? of doublespeak and outright lies. Quote:

She argued ?dozens of advertisers? had left Sky following the decision to air the Cottrell interview, when in fact only three ? American Express, Huggies and Specsavers ? had taken such action.

Ms Allan also admitted she was aware that no long-form interviews, such as the Blair Cottrell segment, were screened as part of the Sky News package aired at train stations. End of quote.

The Cottrell interview – the only reason given for de-platforming Sky – was never shown in Victorian train stations. Quote:

[Sky?s Laura] Jayes then stepped in to point out the Cottrell interview had not aired at train stations. End of quote.

Political editor David Speers further exposed Allan?s duplicity. Quote:

Speers: ?You were asked at your press conference specifically related to the Cottrell interview, you said it was (broadcast in train stations), we have checked the tapes and what we sent to the Metro was not shown and you can see that.? End of quote.

Cutting through the fog was a clear and sinister message. Quote:

Ms Allan said the Victorian Government would review all content broadcast in train stations.

Allan: ?This isn?t about, David, you also I know acknowledged that was wrong to screen that interview. This is giving us the opportunity as public transport minister, responsible for the operation of our public transport network, to think about the sort of content that goes on our screens. Not just the news content but the content overall ?? End of quote.

In other words, the Andrews government is desperate to pull the plug on coverage of its scandals and failures. The Party has un-personed Goldstein. Double-plus bad.