Golly G, it?s just one lie after another

PHOTO: Golriz was part of the team that defended singer and songwriter Bikindi who was accused and later convicted of inciting genocide.

Ms Ghahraman has established herself a bit of a reputation since she entered parliament from the Green party list.? She has made many claims that have proved to be, well, not entirely accurate.

Some of them are have already had a bit of sunlight shone their way here on Whaleoil.

As a quick recap, she has?claimed to have put world leaders on trial for abusing their power, when actually she was defending the perpetrators of crimes.? She claims to have experienced bombs and sirens during the war in Iran when actually she was nowhere near the war zone.

Then an Australian immigration lawyer questioned her refugee story.

You would think that after such exposure, she would take a little more care with the accuracy of her statements but it seems she just can’t keep the stories lined up.

In this tweet, Golriz claims ?We don?t think of ourselves as refugees?

This is very confusing because, on the Green party website, her bio describes her as exactly that. If the bio is inaccurate, I’m sure it would be a simple matter to have it corrected. We wouldn’t want to mislead people now, would we?

Then there’s this little gem where she accuses Australia of torturing refugee families.

Australia has not been tried and found guilty of torture of refugee families.

It is outrageous that a Member of New Zealand’s parliament can make a statement that is blatantly untrue, without any consequence.

She is not fit to be an MP.