Goodnight America


??Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.?

– Cicero

During the run-up to the 2016 Presidential Election the well-known ?useful idiot? Michael Moore made a public announcement. Quote.

Goodnight America. You?ve just elected the last president of the United States.?End quote.

He predicted that if the American people were to elect Donald Trump as their next president then they would also be electing the last president of the United States.

I believe that Moore could very well be correct in his assertion, however not in the basic premise he had couched his opinion with.

The resulting election victory of President Trump spoke volumes about the overall social disharmony and rampant racism that the previous administration had come to personify and profit from.

The total shock and surprise emanating from the corporate owned main stream media was also symptomatic of the emergence of a new ruling class that had become completely unaffected and isolated from the majority of citizens.

Amid the constant and coordinated attacks, Trump has endured over the past two years, his administration has been doing everything it can to arrest the trends of division and dysfunction; focusing itself upon developing growth within the wider domestic economy and attempting to shore up border security.

But?in spite of?the positive signs of recovery and some of the highest rates of employment in recorded history, the attacks continue.

Trump is now receiving approval ratings above 50 per cent and some would argue his chances for achieving a second term in office are looking almost inevitable.

What many people are forgetting, however, or choosing not to see, are the levels of opposition that will be arrayed against him in the lead up to the 2020 count.

In two years time, events within the U.S. will make the previous few years? insanity look like a picnic.

If the count will be above board is one concern.

But I believe that even if the American people are allowed to express their wishes and a true mandate can be reached, this will not necessarily equate to a second term in office.

Anyone who thinks that the anti-freedom forces within America are just going to lay down and have their tummies tickled is in for a rude awakening.

Already plans will be being hatched in order to prevent Trump from winning. Even if the mandate elects him again he will most likely not be able to take office without a struggle of unprecedented proportions.

There is little doubt in my mind that whoever wins the next election will have one pressing initial priority: maintaining social order and attempting to quell riots in the streets.

What we are witnessing in America in the current times could perhaps be best described as a civilization in free-fall.

Both illicit and prescription drug use is at an all-time high; particularly in the western and southern border states where a constant stream of narcotics is ferried in from northern Mexico on a daily basis.

Rates of deaths from Methamphetamine overdose have skyrocketed since the turn of the century with the state of Nevada topping the list.

Nevada is also the home of the ?Burning Man? festival which annually attracts tens of thousands of disillusioned young people into an atmosphere of Godless nihilistic depravity. Incidents of abuse and sometimes even deaths are becoming more common amongst a backdrop of vulnerable youths; searching for God and falling prey to a cocktail of hard drugs and new age spirituality; void of anything tending the light at the end of each individual?s drug induced abyss.

Perhaps one of the most strange and telling symptoms of the growing absence of reason, however, is the increasing amount of people who believe the earth to be flat.

While I?m sure these folk provide a great source of amusement for many, I believe their existence is symptomatic of something else; something akin to a scale of disillusionment and lack of reason that ten years ago would have been thought impossible.

The question I keep asking myself is this: what happens when you have a society who have largely become insular and atomized; incredibly disconnected from traditional structures of value and morality; highly susceptible to a corporate owned machine of information gathering and dissemination; steadily stripped of the right to freely assemble and speak; provided on a daily basis with a lethal cocktail of both legal and illicit drugs; and heavily reliant on an economic system which is no longer rooted within the principles of the free market?

Well, my answer is you no longer have a society.

Certainly not one in the traditional sense that we have come to know as the ?Land of the Free?.

And as far as the anti-freedom forces are concerned? Perhaps if the general citizenry won?t accept their government stripping them of their firearms then the next best thing is to create social chaos on such a level where a justifiable need will present itself.

But let?s hope the peoples of America are swayed by the ?better angels of their nature?.

So perhaps Moore?s belief is correct but not his premise.

Because if Trump is elected again, he will quite possibly need to take his rightful place in office through means of force not seen since the autumn of 1860.

And if this does come to pass then what will be left of the guiding principles set out by the authors of liberty which helped to form the greatest edifice of freedom the world has ever witnessed?