Green scams and foreign collusion, Kiwi style

Time was that Kiwi grifters wanting to skive off the Australian taxpayer had to go all the way to the Manly dole office. Nowadays, a new breed of green Kiwi quangos is ripping off ordinary Australians and fattening the coffers of its socialist government. To add insult to injury, some of the money has been funnelled back to far-left activist groups in Australia, to interfere in critical elections. Quote:

Take the $2.4 million in kickbacks GetUp! cheerfully admits receiving from a subsidiary of Meridian, New Zealand?s largest energy producer, majority owned by the New Zealand government.

Could that financial inducement be driving GetUp!?s rabid campaign against Josh Frydenberg?s energy plan, which will put an end to the subsidies Meridian has been milking for years? End of quote.

GetUp! is a far-left activist group, set up with seed money from Shifty Bill Shorten?s Australian Worker?s Union. Shorten, remember, secretly set up sweetheart deals with big businesses which saw some of Australia?s lowest-paid workers shamelessly ripped off by below-award wages while Shifty pocketed massive contributions to his personal political campaigns. Shifty was also a founding board member of GetUp! which yet has the chutzpah to claim to be ?independent? and non-partisan. Quote:

It?s just a coincidence, of course, that every one of their political campaigns target the Coalition. End of quote.

Mind you, GetUp! also claim to champion ?economic fairness?, even while they campaign viciously to keep a scheme that is crippling the household finances of Australian workers and pensioners. Quote:

Meridian owns two wind farms, at Mount Millar in South Australia and Mount Mercer in Victoria. They receive subsidies in the form of large-scale generation certificates, something akin to a Woolworths rewards card except that they can be sold for serious money. It sells LGCs when the price is high to coal generators, jacking up their costs and so hastening their demise. And your granny gets to pay for it through her electricity bill.

Meridian, this paragon of green corporate virtue, trousered $65 million from selling LGCs in the past two financial years which, after deducting expenses, netted it $49m in straight profit, a windfall for New Zealand taxpayers who own 51 per cent of the company. End of quote.

As is standard with greenies and scamming quangos, truth is the first casualty of activism. Quote:

GetUp!, meanwhile, is urging its supporters to?take their business to Powershop?an offshoot of Meridian. It boasts of being Australia?s only carbon-neutral energy provider, a claim invalidated by the small print that notes Powershop ?cannot guarantee that the electricity every customer receives is renewably sourced?. End of quote.

The left has been hyperventilating about ?foreign collusion? conspiracy theories ever since November 2016. But as is so often the case with the left, what they so loudly accuse others of is the very thing they are doing themselves. Last weekend’s “Super Saturday” by-elections were crucial for both major parties. Three guesses who GetUp! targeted. Quote:

GetUp!?s pro-Labor presence at last weekend?s by-elections, when it paid people to don cheap orange T-shirts, stand outside polling booths and take potshots against the government, removes any doubt that GetUp! qualifies as an associated entity under the Australian Electoral Commission rules. End of quote.

GetUp! is taking money from a foreign government-owned entity in order to mount political campaigns that protect the rivers of Australian taxpayers? money that are flowing overseas to that same foreign government. For all their pious grandstanding about being ?grassroots? and ?independent?, GetUp! are grifters shilling for foreign vested interests.

If you want to uncover foreign collusion, forget Russia: just look across the Tasman.