Helen jumps in to defend Jacinda

Former Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark is confident Jacinda Ardern will “make a good fist” of leading the country.

In a rare attempt at balance, Stuff recently published a story from a woman who is not smitten with our multi-tasking Prime Minister and new-Mum Jacinda Ardern.

This was a story of an ordinary hard working Mum, who held down a job and raised her kids, as thousands of Kiwi women do every day of the year, without fuss or fanfare.

She is feeling a bit ripped off.? Quote:

Now we have a female Prime Minister who might have celebrated her political windfall with a night of unprotected sex and turned up to the country’s top job knowing she was pregnant.? While a piece of me admires her modernity – and I love a baby as much as the next middle-aged woman -?but a big piece of me is feeling galled at the maternity leave early on in the piece and the childcare perks all paid for by the taxpayer.

I also feel we are getting half?a Prime Minister ? ripped off!?I hope she proves me wrong.? End of quote.

Helen Clark was not happy with this story, and made her displeasure known in this tweet below:? Quote:

“Quite extraordinary to see such bile given space on a mainstream news site.? A new low.”? End of quote.

You have been warned. If you say anything critical about the Princess, you will have Aunty Helen to answer to!

She really needs to find something useful to fill her time instead of playing cheerleader to Jacinda Ardern.