Helen’s Twitter hit job on Sir Ray Avery

Ray Avery and Helen Clark
Photo Supplied to Whaleoil

In the photo above, it’s all smiles and you would think that Helen Clark and Sir Ray Avery were getting along just fine.? Turns out, she now says she’d never heard of the man.

On Monday, I wrote a post which outlined some of the basic facts of the Lifepod Appeal concert that Sir Ray Avery was hoping to hold on Waitangi Day next year.? In case you missed that post, you can read it here.

In a post yesterday, I documented the smear campaign that Helen Clark undertook with Eden Park C.E.O. Nick Sautner.

Today I will cover the hit job on Sir Ray Avery, that followed hot on the heels of Nick’s public attack.

It began on 24th July with this tweet:

And was soon followed by a flurry of accusations and personal attacks.

If you listen to the clip, it’s actually the interviewer that uses the words ‘buy them off’, not Sir Ray.? But hey, why let the facts get in the way of a good retweet.

Drop in a personal attack, ask for #Transparency.? What #hypocrisy.

Links to Newsroom stories – they feature a lot in Helen’s tweets.

More veiled accusations.

More Newsroom links, with more veiled accusations.

On 26th July the concert is cancelled.

All these tweets below continued after she got her way after Eden Park was forced to withdraw the Lifepod Appeal concert application.

But wait, there’s more …

and more ?

more …

and more ?

No, I haven’t doubled up.? Maybe Helen had forgotten she had already tweeted this story because she tweeted it again.? After all, she must have forgotten Sir Ray.

not done yet ?

Yes, still getting the knife in.

pushes it a little deeper.

29th July, one final twist.

And a parting shot.? Yes Helen, sad.? Very sad.

That’s a pretty long thread of bile.? I bet she needed a lie down after all that nastiness.