He’s not a jihadist, he’s just a very naughty lone wolf…with mental illness

Another lone wolf, presumably with mental illness has been on a rampage near Paris: Quote:

ISIS has claimed responsibility for a knife attack in a town outside Paris today, in which a man stabbed his mother and sister to death?and seriously injured a third person.

The 36-year-old was heard shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ during the attack in Trappes, known as a hotbed of jihadism. More than 50 people from the town 20 miles west of Paris have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS.

The man, identified as a taxi driver named Kamal S., was shot dead by police. He had been on a terror watch-list since 2016.

Shortly after the attack, ISIS’s Aamaq propaganda agency tweeted that the man?had heeded their calls to target ‘nationals of coalition countries.’??

The attack took place just hours after ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was heard urging the terror group’s ‘holy warriors’ to continue fighting their enemies across the world, in a freshly released audio recording.

However, local police believe the attack may have been caused by a ‘domestic argument’, although his motive is not yet clear.

French Interior Minister?Gerard Collomb arrived at the scene not long after the attacker had been shot dead, and described the 36-year-old as a ‘criminal who had significant psychiatric problems’.

Collomb said the attack is not being treated as a terrorist case for the moment, and added that the third person who was seriously injured was not a member of the family.

He was known (to police) for advocating terrorism but it seems he was a disturbed person rather than someone who could respond to calls for action from terrorist organisations like Daesh,’ he said, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS.?End quote.

Righto. Just a very naughty lone wolf, with mental problems. Not at all connected with Islamic terrorism, despite being known to advocate for terrorism. No, just a very naughty boy.

Could?French Interior Minister?Gerard Collomb march backwards any faster?

Thankfully he’s been exterminated by Police.?Quote:

‘The incident took place soon after 10am,’ said a French security source. ‘A man attacked passers-by in rue Camille Claudel in Trappes.

‘He disappeared into a house when police arrived at the scene, and when he came out he was shot dead.’

While in the house, the man reportedly shouted to police: ”Allahu akbar, if you come in I’ll blow you up.’ End quote.

Yeah not terrorism, just a bad wog…again.