Hey, Simon. Show us your map!

Men don’t need maps, and women can’t read ’em. As for non-binary-gender types; I don’t know, maybe they hold maps upside-down and scream at them to conform to their own particular world-view.

But there is a bloke that needs to let us in on what course he is on, what route he is taking, because, as of now, it isn’t clear. I’m talking about Mr Bridges and the road back to government. It’s important because we need National back in power; urgently before all the parties end up burning the house down in the absence of grown-ups.? ?

C’mon: Simon, where are you heading? You’ve about two years, the options available to you seem limited and the partnership options which are the extra gas in the tank required for you to make it over the line, haven’t appeared yet on the horizon.

Guessing, as we have to do because we are all in the dark about your plans, the possible approaches first require consideration of the obstacles. There’s the obvious left-bloc of voters, the dyed-in-the-wool never-Nat’s red/green vote that constitutes about 42% of the electorate, while the right-bloc corrals about 45% presently. About 6% of votes in total will be cast for various single-issue candidates and some for crack-pot groupings neither of whom will win representation. You have 0.5% in the tank from Epsom, leaving the vital 7.5% whose cards are currently in NZ First’s hands, but it’s a tenuous hold they have on them, we all know that, and history reminds us of the fact.

NZ First is a cult of personality for their tight-knit, the rest are protest voters who refused to hold their nose and vote the way they have been historically inclined, more conservative, I believe, than liberal. You need to woo them back. Some will have already felt they made a bad decision backing Winnie, you need to make it easier for them to vote National again, not harder.

It looks to me like you need to align more with some of the NZ First protest voter?s values, or collapse the NZ First party vote, or, preferably, both at the same time. That is very possible, and achievable, by listening to those people, and to their concerns. You need to reassure those people National has their interests covered better than the current coalition, and that you will advocate for them.

Simon: you’re in danger, real danger, of being remembered as ‘One-lane’ Bridges, and coming at you is some heavy traffic, not the least of which is incumbency. You need to make some decisions, exert yourself and build momentum; now. You need to woo the inherently conservative voter, not the liberal. Just two examples:

  • Forget about embracing ‘climate-change’ initiatives, for every single vote it earns, you’ll burn one. In fact; don’t, even once, refer to it as ‘climate-change’, keep referring to the folly by its proper name of ‘global warming’. That brand is as tainted as it is associated with the left, keep using the failed label to remind voters of that. Insist on thorough cost/benefit analysis of each and every single global warming reduction policy as opposed to much cheaper mitigation initiatives, as and when they present themselves.
  • Hammer, absolutely hammer capital-gains taxes. You know Labour want them, you know the ‘Tax Working-Group’ is going to recommend them, you know the OECD is in favour of them, put your foot on the accelerator now, right now, stand up and say there will be zero capital-gains taxes under National! Take the heat that stance will give you from the press and the left, enjoy the taunts of ‘pre-empting’ the decisions of the ‘entirely independent’ review, embarrass them with their very obvious plans and then, even if they back down under your withering assaults and general unpopularity, claim it as a victory of your advocating against them.

Simon: Please show us you actually want to win. Because if you don’t, then all I can say is I hope you enjoy your brief time behind the steering wheel, someone else will take charge, and you’ll be in the back seat with all the other ?talent? just wishing you had done more.

From a concerned supporter.