How a ?Dwarf? revolution stood up against Socialist Anti-Free speech laws

On 1st September 1939, Poland was invaded by the German National Socialist government. 17 days later it was also invaded by the Soviet Communist government.

So started the war in Europe. Britain and New Zealand went to war against one invader, but not the second. But that?s another story.

We all know the outcome and Poland was left under a Socialist yoke for decades. I say Socialist rather than communist because private property was still allowed in certain circumstances.

As an example, flowers are very important in Polish culture. The Socialist authorities could not guarantee state supply, so they needed to rely on private growers and sellers.

But back to the dwarfs.

Bronze monument of a krasnoludek: the memorial of “Pomara?czowa Alternatywa” (“Orange Alternative”), Polish unofficial social movement (1982-1988) against the communist regime. Wroc?aw, Poland.

As we have seen under Socialist regimes throughout history, Free Speech is one of the first freedoms to be lost. Even today posting or liking something on Facebook can get you arrested in Europe. Hate speech laws or anti-blasphemy laws are just another ice pick coming our way.

The Poles have been there and done that. Speak the wrong words and you ended up in jail. March on the streets and the police beat you up and then put you in jail.

In the mid-1980?s a movement started. One of the founders Waldemar Fydrych is quoted as saying

In Poland there are only three places when you can feel free: In churches, but only for prayers; in prisons, but not everyone can go to prison; and on the streets: they are the freest places. End quote.

So they took to the streets?dressed as dwarfs. The Snow White comical variety.

Dwarf?s in orange clothing.. and they just hung about there.

The government had no way of dealing with them. It simply undermined their authority and made a mockery of them.

As Mr Fydrych said quote.

Can you treat a police officer seriously, when he is asking you: “Why did you participate in an illegal meeting of dwarfs?”end quote.

The movement spread across the country and across international borders. The original dwarfs dressed in Orange, which is from where we now get the expression Orange Revolution or Colour Revolution.

On the original spot where the dwarfs first gathered there is now a statue. If you look closely you can see that the dwarf is actually standing on a stiff middle finger, raised in defiance to the authorities who will suppress our freedoms.