How an ex leader of not one but two NZ political parties was deplatformed

Ex-leader of both the National party and the ACT party Dr Don Brash.

It is incredibly shocking news. Don Brash has been both the leader of the National Party and the ACT party and yet a jumped up authoritarian, commissar from Massey University, Jan ‘hate speech’ Thomas has used her power to totally deplatform him and to deny him free speech.

We have gone in the blink of an eye from so-called ‘controversial’ speakers being targeted to a well-respected man who led two mainstream political parties being silenced. This is the e-mail that started it all.

Kia Ora Vice Chancellor Prof Jan Thomas.

I am writing this email to you wondering if you are aware that a MUSA Club by the name of “The Politics Society” which has a series of National and right wing speakers set for this week includes publicly anti Maori leader of Hobson’s Pledge and financial backer of alt-right wing speakers Molyneux and Southern.

The MUSA Club Politics Society has invited Don Brash to speak this Wednesday August 8th 11am-12 at SSLB4 at Massey Manawatu Campus. The link to the event is as below.

I imagine like yourself you would have some concerns surrounding this event and if this would be used as a platform for separatist and supremacist hate speech.

Recently a member of Hobson’s Pledge by the name of Don Esslemont made national news by walking out of a meeting at the Student Lounge during a Mihi, citing that Massey University does not have an obligation to uphold the Treaty Of Waitangi. I am sure you would be concerned about further press regarding this group of individuals at Massey Manawatu Campus.

I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are on this matter and steps you will take to ensure the safety of those attending. Remember in light of their type of “Free Speech” does not come Free of Consequences.

Kind Regards/ Ma Te Wa,
Karl Pearce (BSW Hons, Massey). Former MUSA, Manawatahi, and Massey Officer/Member of Massey Council. End quote.

Is it just me or was there a veiled threat of violence in that e-mail from Karl Pearce?

The reply:

T?n? koe Karl

Thanks for your email.
I am aware of the MUSA club ?The Politics Society? having an event planned as below. I am also aware of the issues arising from Mr Esslemont?s behaviour at the debate on M?ori wards.

You will know as a result of the opinion piece that I have published in the NZ Herald that I totally oppose hate speech on campus, but support free speech on campus.
The Politics Society is an affiliated MUSA Club, and are therefore expected to operate under the conditions and rules MUSA publish in the Clubs Handbook for example to ?an affiliated/registered group, you agree to follow commonly accepted rules of behaviour. (Unacceptable behaviour is defined as anything that could bring MUSA and/or Massey University into disrepute.)? I understand that MUSA has discussed this with The Politics Society.

Any person or individual who books campus venues are advised that these bookings are subject to them completing and returning the recently reviewed Massey University Terms of Use for Venues and Spaces Agreement Form. The Terms of Use Agreement are now a requirement for any non-teaching event booking space through the Operations Service Desk and requires the person booking the venue to sign and agree a form articulating their agreement to adhere to Massey?s University?s Emergency Management procedures; Health and Safety requirements; and manage the venue use in accordance with the MU Strategy, including but not limited to, recognising the values of a Te Tiriti o Waitangi-led organisation.

This is spelled out of the form, and organisers must also agree to advising any speakers of the obligations of this use.
Other terms of use include Massey being satisfied that the use of the venue would not adversely effect operations or security or the reputation of Massey, its staff and members of the public, including students.
The society members have subsequently advised a member of staff that they are concerned about their ability to meet the terms of the agreement in regards security.

In light of that, and in light of comments on social media suggesting protest and possible violence, I has concluded that the correct action is to exercise Massey?s right and responsibility to cancel the booking. The Politics Society has been advised and are working cooperatively with the University to this end.

I hope that helps allay your concerns, thanks again for your email
Ng? mihi nui

Jan Thomas End quote.

My conclusion: Jan Thomas in her reply was passing on a veiled message herself. She was saying that I hope you are happy that I have shut this event down for the reasons you stated you were against it because I share your view that it is hate speech. I have taken your veiled suggestion that security can be used as an excuse for shutting it down and handily our restrictive rules have forced those holding the event to admit that they cannot meet our security requirements should protesters like yourself decide to be violent.