How does the Alt- left market itself as effectively as possible?

In an earlier post, I discussed building brand ‘Southern Molyneux.’? Ambush marketing is another technique in sales and marketing whereby an inferior brand leverages off other valuable brands by stepping into their paid for limelight for free.

An example, World Cup 2006. ?Dutchmen in orange lederhosen were forced to strip down to their underwear because the lederhosen bore branding for Bavaria beer, an inferior Dutch beer. ?Some major brands, including Budweiser, had spent serious coin to tap into the worldwide audience. They were not about to have freeloaders rain on their parade. ?Men in orange lederhosen were effective in drawing attention away from major sponsors. That stunt was topped when in the 2010 World Cup a crowd of attractive, tall, slim, blonde, Dutch women in orange miniskirt dresses rolled up.

Most jurisdictions that host major sporting events now have legislation to enable venues and sponsors to deal with ambush marketers. ?The pressure for this type of legislation has come from the likes of F.I.F.A and the I.R.B. Pretty simple. You want to host our sports event? ?Make sure our sponsors are protected.

This technique of ambush marketing got me thinking. ?How does the Alt -left market itself as effectively as possible? ?The Alt- left use ambush marketing to promote their brand.

The most effective Alt- left ambush marketing campaign in New Zealand history has to be HART (John Minto and crew) and the 81 Springbok tour. ?No one would dispute that the HART campaign was incredibly effective in gaining the support of not only the left but a huge swathe of middle New Zealand behind opposition to the 81 tour. ?The campaign only worked by leveraging off a major brand and an event that attracted an audience covering a good part of the world.

A low-cost technique to draw attention to HART?s brand. ?What was HART?s brand? I never bought into the HART campaign. At all. ?I saw it as politically motivated from a particular political corner, shrouded in deception rather than purely motivated by the plight of coloured South Africans. ?I believe that history has also proved me right. Where were HART and Minto during the Fiji coups? Where was Minto when farmers were and are being driven off the land and murdered in Zimbabwe and South Africa?

At the end of the day, the core of HART was not too different from an attractive bunch of tall, slim, blonde, Dutch women in orange miniskirts. ?They had a great ability to draw attention and uncommitted support, for a moment. When you looked past the sexiness, past the exposed flesh and closely at the small branding on the dresses it read ?Marxism.? ?At the end of the day, that is what Minto and crew were, and have always been, trying to market ? Bavaria as opposed to Heineken. Yeah Nah, I will stick with the Heineken thanks mate.

The 81 tour, arguably, provided the most fertile ground in which the Alt- left could run an ambush marketing campaign. ?However, the Alt -left have one big problem. The brand is crap. It has very little that will appeal to the majority. It is kind of like trying to promote a Lada Niva when a Ford Mustang is available at the same price.

Herein lies the Alt- left?s problem. ?While the brand can stand on its own two feet, just, its market penetration and brand loyalty will always be limited. ?I think they know that too. Why else would you use deception and cloak your product with slogans that don?t really match your product ‘peace’ ‘anti-racism’? ‘social justice’? ‘anti-fascist’? ?The real product is an opposition to Western culture and a desire to overthrow it.

When do we ever see brand ‘Alt- left’ overtly marketed outside the comfort of their social media echo chambers? ?Only when they can leverage off others. The Southern Molyneux tour is the obvious example. A mainstream political party can effectively promote itself and build its brand by promoting its particular product on a daily basis. ?The mainstream party does not need events to enable this, but it helps.

So, with this fundamental problem of having an inferior product with little mainstream brand appeal the Alt- left is must try and leverage the brand off other more appealing brands. To little avail.


by The Undertaker