I hope Kiwibuild isn’t going to use any kevlar

I really hope Kiwibuild homes won’t include any kevlar, other wise Rachel “I’m a serious journalist” Smalley will have kittens about the inappropriateness of using materials that are used to make bullet proof vests: Quote:

More than seven months after leaving Newstalk ZB, Rachel Smalley has resurfaced at the?government’s KiwiBuild housing programme.

Making good on her announcement last November that her next job would be in the corporate world rather than journalism, the former TV3 and TVNZ reporter is now KiwiBuild’s?general manager of stakeholder engagement and communications. The 46-year-old had been touted as a possible replacement for John Campbell on Radio New Zealand’s Checkpoint programme, a role that went to Lisa Owen last week.

Part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. KiwiBuild has been charged?with?drive the government’s house build plans until a new Housing Commission is established to take long-term ownership of Labour’s flagship residential building plan. End quote.

So, she moved from being a shill for the left-wing on air to being a shill for the left-wing with Kiwibuild. Nice jobs if you can get them.

I thought she left ZB to go into business. Obviously she didn?t have the talent for that, so she’s pimped herself out the government she used to shill for free for.

It will be interesting to see how she does spinning abject failure.

I’ll never forget winding her up in the studio when she was filling in for Larry one day.