If Labour aren’t anti-Semites, why do Jews need to be protected from them?

Denial, as they say, ain?t just a river in Egypt. When it comes to British Labour?s rampant anti-semitism, the Corbynites have gone so far beyond denial that they?re approaching the Red Sea and just like the pharaohs of old, they?re huntin? Jews. Quote:

Jewish delegates at next month’s Labour Party conference will be given bodyguards as fears grow for their safety amid the raging anti-Semitism row that has engulfed Jeremy Corbyn.

The protection will even be offered to Jewish Labour MPs who have been the victims of abuse from many hardline supporters of the party leader. End of quote.

Mad Jezza and his camp-followers insist, hand on heart, that he ain?t no anti-Semite. The fact that he pals about with Jew-killing terrorists is neither here nor there, as is his frequently demonstrated contempt for Jews in his own party. Quote:

The row deepened this weekend when Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger attacked Mr Corbyn for accusing British Zionists of having ‘no sense of irony’ despite having ‘lived in Britain all of their lives’.

The former Shadow Minister for public health said she felt ‘unwelcome’ in her own party after Mr Corbyn’s ‘inexcusable comments’.

Now, The Mail on Sunday understands that the Jewish Labour Movement, whose Parliamentary chair is Ms Berger, has held talks with the Community Security Trust ? which guards the Jewish community in Britain ? about providing minders for the Liverpool conference.

A source said: ‘This conference will be particularly tense as much of the worst anti-Semitic trolling on the internet has been traced back to hotspots in Merseyside. End of quote.

Corbyn?s ?no sense of irony? comment may seem bizarrely innocuous, but its context is revealing. Corbyn made the statement at a Palestinian centre linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, where he also babbled about ?Zionists?, and framed Jews as indelibly foreign in England. Presumably, the ghost of Benjamin Disraeli is spinning in his grave. Quote:

Yesterday, Home Secretary Sajid Javid turned up the heat on Mr Corbyn over the ‘irony’ row, saying: ‘If Corbyn had said ‘Asians’ or ‘Blacks’ instead of ‘Zionists’, he’d be gone by now.

‘The fact he’s still there tells us all we need to know about what the Labour Party has become.’ End of quote.

Labor still claim, with a straight face, that there?s nothing to see here. Quote:

A spokesman said: ‘The Labour Party is committed to tackling anti-Semitism both in the party and in wider society and is committed to the security and well-being of all Jewish people.’ End of quote.

Except ? Quote:

A former Labour investigations officer?stunned MPs by revealing the nature and scale of allegations investigated. Mr Hogan said: ‘I’ve done plenty of disciplinary cases against Labour members who compared Israel to the Nazis, peddled conspiracy theories about Israel, promoted Holocaust deniers, praised terrorists, and who questioned the Britishness or loyalty of British Jews.’

Separately, Mr Corbyn came under fire from [Adam] Ma’anit, whose 16-year-old cousin was reportedly killed by terrorists linked to ex-Hamas military leader Husam Badran, who appeared at a 2012 conference in Doha also attended by the Labour leader. Mr Ma’anit said: ‘I’ve been watching in quiet horror and with increasing anxiety as the Labour Party sinks deeper by the day into an anti-Semitic cesspit of its own making. End of quote.