If only Muslims played with tea sets instead of knifing teddies

Caption: Challenging gender stereotypes the Muslim way. Picture: palwatch.org

The High Priestesses of Frightbattery have a penchant for drawing longer bows than even the ones that did in Johnny Froggo at Agincourt. They?re blaming toy trucks for the mythical War on Women.Quote:

People who support rigid gender roles and relations are more likely to endorse attitudes that justify ? violence against women ? Not all boys who play with trucks are going to end up violent. But traditional masculine gender roles ? are associated with men?s violence against women. End of quote.

Then again: when you think about it, the Third Wave Nutbags might have a point. I mean, when Muslim toddlers are happily playing Behead The Kafir with their (obviously infidel) teddies, it?s not hard to postulate a link to their grown-ups’ proclivity for getting all shooty-stabby in the cities of the West.

It?s getting so a white woman can?t walk the streets with a camera. Quote:

Lauren Southern ? was prevented from filming outside Lakemba mosque in Sydney?s west. In a heated exchange with NSW Police, Southern argued she should be allowed to walk past the mosque but was asked by ?Inspector Rick Agius ?not to attend there?. ?I have a fear that you may create an imminent breach of the peace and you may also commit an offence,? he said. End of quote.

That ?imminent breach of the peace?, the terrified rozzer explained, was likely to consist of a crowd of Muslim men getting all Allahu Ackbar at the mere presence of a white woman with critical views of Islam. Maybe the copper should try handing out Barbie dolls (Hijab Barbie, it goes without saying: nothing would offend a Muslim parent more than an uncovered Barbie, the plastic whore) and tea sets?assuming the tea is halal-certified, of course.

And in other news from Lefty-La-La-Land, The Project?s pet Muslim, Waleed Aly, reckons there are no African gangs in Melbourne because, y?know, he?s never been bashed or robbed by one. Quote:

I have lived in Melbourne and the only place I have heard concerns about Sudanese gangs is on talkback radio. End of quote.

He could ask these terrified party-goers just how imaginary African gangs are, but Pakenham is far too declass? a suburb for Waleed to bother visiting. Quote:

A schoolboy?s alcohol-free 16th birthday celebration is the latest in a string of recent Melbourne parties to be terrorised by men of African appearance, leaving schoolgirls screaming [?] and a hired female security guard with a bloodied face [?] Last week, Pakenham teenager Laa Chol, 19, was killed when a party in a Melbourne CBD high-rise apartment rented by a group of young African-Australians was invaded by a rival Sudanese gang. Early this month, a Hawthorn East home was trashed and an elderly neighbour assaulted after the house was rented by African youths [?] It followed similar [?] violent parties [? ]in Malvern, Footscray, Tarneit, North Melbourne and Werribee in the previous six months. End of quote.

Oh, please: Tarneit? Werribee? They don?t even make good coffee there. For lefties, those suburbs really might as well be Darkest Africa.

Anyway, it?s probably all because of tea sets and toy trucks. The Patriarchy is devilishly clever like that.