Imagine if he’d posed with a swastika…

Caption: Both images display the iconography of a murderous ideology responsible for death and misery on unprecedented scales. But one of them is still revered by the left. Digital Image: Lushington Brady

If a conservative candidate was photographed in front of a swastika flag while wearing a Hitler t-shirt, their career would be measured in milliseconds. When a leftist poses for happy-snaps brandishing the regalia of the worst mass-murder regimes of the 20th century, though, it?s all just a bit of a lark, apparently. Quote:

Labor candidate laughs off picture of him wearing Lenin T-shirt

Labor preselection candidate John Falzon commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with Vladimir Lenin?s face, wearing a Soviet red star lapel pin and standing in front of a Soviet flag. End of quote.

It?s also telling just what this fellow?s day job is. How can these organisations possibly claim to be ?charities?, when they?re run by open Marxists? The Long March Through the Institutions gets more blatant by the day. Quote:

Mr Falzon, on leave from his job as chief executive of the St Vincent de Paul Society, is vying for Labor preselection for the seat of Canberra and has the endorsement of the party?s Left faction and several unions?

Mr Falzon is the author of Communists Like Us, published in May 2017, which tells a fictional ?love story? at ?a time of struggle? in the form of poetry. It refers to Marxist political figures such as Che Guevara and Salvador ?Allende, and the Sandinista Nat?ional Liberation Front. In 1997, he wrote a doctoral thesis about ?Marxism and poetry? and he often quotes Karl Marx. End of quote.

Speaking of the Long March Through the Institutions ? Quote:

The photo?was taken at a party to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution and was posted on Facebook by his wife, Jacqui Agius, in November 2017.

Ms Agius, an industrial officer for the Australian Education Union, is pictured alongside Mr Falzon?s children, Gian Falzon and Gabriela Falzon, and others, in front of the flag of the Soviet Union. ?For the many, not the few? said Ms Agius?s Facebook post with ?#revolution1917?. End of quote.

But, hey, what?s a bit of a giggle about genocidal mass-murderers between lefty friends? Quote:

Mr Falzon laughed off the photo when contacted by The Australian.

?It was a bit of fun,? he said. ?A bit tongue-in-check, a bit of fun with friends. It was a good night and, you know, a lot of ?people do all sorts of things at parties.? End of quote.

Sure thing, comrade. Like, for instance, wearing Gestapo uniforms and swapping Roman salutes? Because those kind of whacky japes are on a moral par with celebrating the architects of tens of millions of murders.

Marxists murdered far more people than even the Nazis. In fact, the track record of murder and oppression committed by Marxists over the past century is so undeniable and so horrendous that it should be no more acceptable to celebrate the monsters of Marxism than it is to celebrate a monster like Hitler.

If you?re waving a hammer-and-sickle, you might as well be waving a swastika. A Marxist should no more be tolerated than a Nazi.

The St Vincent de Paul Society should be publicly shamed for appointing this pillock CEO. The Labor party should be pilloried for even having him in its running.