It’s hard to be funny when reality is even dumber than my jokes

Caption: If you think this is just what kids do, you don’t belong here

It?s not easy, trying to be satirical. First, you have to be funny, and I doubt my claim to such. But when you?re trying to make reality look ridiculous, it doesn?t help when reality gets more ridiculous than the joke.

The Monty Python crew were a lot funnier than I?ll ever pretend to be, and they also got a good run out of jokes like Stan/Loretta, the transexual Judean activist. It took nearly 40 years for the reality of transgender activism to become more ridiculous than a 1st century Jew wanting to be a woman and have babies. In my case, though, my feeble joke was transcended in barely a few days.

When I recently joked that hundreds of African thugs rioting in Melbourne?s suburbs was just kids having fun, it took just a day for reality to trump satire. Quote:

The group of up to 100 Sudanese youths who damaged property and threw rocks at police cars in Melbourne?s northwest this week were acting like other Australian kids, a community leader says?

Federation of South Sudanese Associations chairman Kenyatta Dei Wal said the youths? behaviour was ?the kind of thing that most young people do?There?s nothing significant about it?. End of quote.

Um, no. Most young people in Australia don?t do that “kind of thing”.

Even the very rare exceptions, such as the notorious Corey Worthington in 2008, are met with swift and uncompromising official and public reaction. Worthington was arrested and charged with not only creating a public nuisance but producing child pornography. In contrast to the refusal to arrest a single African, 16 arrests were made at Cronulla in 2005. 800 police patrolled the streets.

But no clown show is complete without the addle-brained panjandrums of the cult of multiculturalism. Quote:

Victorian Multicultural Commission chair Helen Kapalos said??African Australians are Australians. Full stop,? she said. ?Addressing causal factors is a lot more productive to achieving social ?cohesion than racialising crime.? End of quote.

Being Australian means adhering to a common set of values and norms of behaviour. The self-serving myth that anyone and everyone is somehow ?100% Aussie? is one of the Big Lies of multiculturalism.

The Swiss don?t buy into such rubbish. Switzerland mandates at least ten years? residence and fluency in the language, and excludes welfare recipients and criminals. Government and local authorities must be satisfied that applicants are integrated into the Swiss way of life.

Switzerland achieves social cohesion by demanding that migrants conform to Swiss language, values and culture. It?s long past time that countries like Australia did the same, instead of handing out citizenship like lollies, and pretending that immigrants who refuse to integrate are somehow dinky-di Aussies.

Otherwise, we can only expect more of this: Quote:

An AK-47 assault rifle and a batch of imitation firearms were seized during the arrest of a gang of teens in Melbourne?s southeastern suburbs after a slew of ?violent carjackings and attempted robberies across the city.

Fourteen suspects have been arrested, some as young as 14. End of quote.

And there?s nothing funny about that.