It’s not easy being green

A Dutch website reports that: [Google translate] Quote.

Due to the heat, [of the day] the solar panels were probably overloaded and caught fire. The fire brigade had the fire under control quickly, but had to force a few doors because the residents were not at home. Nobody was injured.

For residents, the fire is extra annoying because the homes are only four months old. The damage is enormous. End of quote.

While this is undoubtedly traumatic for the house owners, there is also the problem that solar panels contain toxic chemicals that may be released in a fire and are dangerous if inhaled.?There does not seem to have been any precautions taken by the firefighters in this video.

Another problem is water used to extinguish the fire carries with it the toxic runoff from the cadmium from these destroyed panels and it flows into the stormwater system, and thus into the waterways harming ecosystems.

We certainly have not found the green utopian energy source as yet.

Note: I have a 3kW solar panel array on my roof.