Jacinda or Simon for CEO

Here’s the question, if you asked the chairman of any major company whether they would like Jacinda or Simon for their CEO – you would be greeted with some very definitive answers and none would involve a positive affirmation.

I doubt many would want them on their board – except to provide lobby access to their respective parties!

Would they offer them a job as a consultant? Well yes please,?let’s have all that swampy access!

And why would that be the case?

Let’s have a look at the two CVs.

Jacinda Ardern Digital image credit: Rick H?

Jacinda Adern

A wrapper of fish and chips.
Politics and public relations degree – University of Waikato.
Researcher for former Prime Minister Helen Clark.
Policy advisor to UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.
President of the International Union Socialist Youth.
List member of NZ parliament – 2008
Prime Minister.

Simon the pieman?Bridges

Simon Bridges
BA in political science and history, Law degree Auckland University.
A litigator at Kensington Swan.
Crown Prosecutor Tauranga.
While the crown prosecutor, took leave of absence to do an economics degree at Oxford University.
MP for Tauranga.
Minister in Key’s government.
Leader of the opposition.

So we have one leader with zero knowledge of the business market place, let alone running a company and the other is no better. At least Simon was a minister and ran a department (albeit under adult supervision.)

So, my question is: who amongst all the current MP’s could run a major corporate and has proven experience to back that up?

A follow-up question could be: who amongst our current MP’s would be in a senior management role?

And the last: how did we get to this terrible state of affairs?

It’s no wonder that the electorate is so disillusioned. We have every reason to be. Where are our leaders?

Excuse me for changing a common expression slightly (but it does cover our problems succinctly.)

If you recruit monkeys, you will get peanuts.


by Rosco