Jacinda the dictator

Barry Soper muses on Jacinda’s decision to shaft the Remuneration Authority: quote.

Quote:[…]There were a few gnarling their teeth around Parliament [last Monday] after the newly, self-appointed paymaster Jacinda Ardern rendered the body charged with setting their pay rates, the Remuneration Authority, impotent.

The independent body awarded the politicians a three per cent pay rise but Ardern was having none of it, which of course was an easy determination for her to make, given that she got a pay rise thanks to Winston Peters of $185,000 last year.End of quote.

Let’s see, the Remuneration Authority is a body which decides how much money senior civil servants, get. They use a special procedure. They are experts. Quote.

Quote:[…]The Remuneration Authority’s mantra, that its decisions are final, to ensure they’re independent of the government, is now not worth the paper it’s written on.

A move like this is easy for a new Cabinet to sign off, given they’re now all on the pig’s back when it comes to their pay packets, earning more than many of them would ever have thought possible.

So it was easy for Ardern to sound altruistic, maintaining the move was all about her Government’s values, insisting it wouldn’t seem fair increasing their salaries (which are at the top of the income scale) while those at the other end are struggling.End of quote.

In contrast to the Remuneration Authority Jacinda, on the other hand, is a first-time prime minister who has worked in a takeaway shop and has no experience in working out how much someone should be paid. Her reason for vetoing the pay raise is basically because since someone is living in “poverdy” it’s not fair that someone else should be earning more. Quote.

Quote:[…]The argument then was the gap between ministers and private sector managers was widening. But looking at some ministers in this Government, and in previous Beehive incumbents, the gap’s not wide enough.End of quote.

If Barry’s referring to the Greens then fair call. But there’s plenty of MPs who do earn their salary and more. They’re the ones who could earn double, triple, in the private sector, what they get paid being an MP.

We’ve had Jacinda decide unilaterally to shut down the oil and gas industry. We’ve had her unilaterally decide to ban plastic bags. Now, we’ve had her unilaterally decide to override an independent body because she didn’t like a decision it made.

In this case, there’s a much bigger story going on. The end game, comrades, is everyone earning the same. The first step is to make sure all civil servants earn the same regardless of merit. The next will be to turn the screws so that everyone in the private sector earns the same.

That’s assuming there’s still a private sector once Jacinda the dictator and her cohorts are done.