Keen to meet up with other Oilers prior to the Southern-Molyneux event?

If anyone is going to this event and would like to meet up beforehand for some pre-match oiling, please let us know by today.

As the venue is not yet known, the gathering location won?t be decided until the last minute. If we have your contact details, we can let you know as soon as we know.

Please e-mail events at and include your Disqus username and a mobile number, and we will coordinate the pre-match dinner with anyone interested.

Note from SB

So far Deb tells me that we have 24 contacts who want to meet up before the event and some of those are couples, so there will be quite a few Oilers gathering.

I am intending to run a live blog post on the event from Whaleoil, HQ so I will be relying on those Oilers attending to send me photos and updates. I did that for the Free speech rally so with at least 24 Oilers going I am sure that between you all you can help to keep the rest of us informed.

Please send your photos and commentary to sb at and put in the subject line live blog

If you are going to live tweet it then feel free contact me on Twitter @atkins_juana so that I can follow your twitter feed.