Keep her away from the ice-picks

Caption: Well, at least she got her staff to book a waxing appointment first

They breed ?em classy down at Labor HQ.

Labor MP Emma Husar has been under fire over a series of allegations of abusing staff and misusing taxpayer funds, but it?s been left up to far-left blog Buzzfeed to reveal the jaw-dropping allegations that apparently the MSM haven?t been game to touch. Quote:

Labor MP Emma Husar bragged about who she was having sex with, sexually harassed an employee, and intentionally exposed herself in front of another politician, according to allegations made by staff to NSW Labor investigators?Staff told [lawyer John Joseph] Whelan that Husar would often talk about sex and engage in inappropriate sexualised behaviour in the office. End of quote.

?Inappropriate? hardly begins to describe a parliamentarian who allegedly exposes herself in front of a colleague and his children. Quote:

One staff member alleged that on June 19, 2017, at approximately 7:05pm, while in Labor frontbencher Jason Clare?s office, Husar performed the revealing leg-crossing move made famous by Sharon Stone in the film Basic Instinct.

?It is alleged that you and [redacted] attended Mr Jason Clare?s office at Parliament. Mr Clare was sitting on the floor playing with his son. [Redacted] alleged that he was sitting opposite you and that on three occasions you spread your legs, revealing that you were not wearing any underwear. [Redacted] felt that your conduct was deliberate, proactive and targeted towards Mr Clare.? End of quote.

It gets worse. Former senator Cheryl Kernot was once slagged as having ?the morals of an alley-cat on heat?. But whatever Kernot may or may not have done, some of the allegations against Husar would make her look like a nun. Quote:

?Several employees reported that you would discuss in the office who you found attractive and who you wanted to have sex with or who you have had sex with including references to Members of Parliament and Members of Staff,? Whelan wrote in his letter to Husar.

One former staff member?alleged that in August last year the Labor MP ?rubbed her body up against him?. The staff member said that Husar had her right breast against his left shoulder and arm for about 10?15 seconds. On another occasion in September, he alleged Husar rested her right breast on his arm. End of quote.

Other allegations reveal an attitude of queenly entitlement that would make Marie Antoinette blush:

  • Missing Question Time and meetings to attend hair appointments, spray tans and waxing.
  • Diverting money into her personal bank account
  • Bullying, swearing at and intimidating staff
  • Making staff buy her coffee and lunch with their own money
  • Sending staff to run personal errands
  • Making staff walk her dog and pick up its droppings
  • Forcing male staff to do menial work, because she claimed they were ?privileged white male[s]?

Hypocritically, given Labor?s platform of whining about ?fairness?, Labor MPs apparently have no qualms about paying their employees starvation wages and expecting the taxpayer to pony up the rest. Quote:

Multiple staff members gave evidence about claims?that Husar?s ?personal babysitter/nanny [redacted] is employed by [Husar] in the electorate office in a casual capacity?, despite staff warning her this was inappropriate??It has been alleged that you employ [the nanny] in your office in order to top off her wages (which [the nanny] informed [redacted] was $15/hour in cash).?

Staff alleged that Husar employed the nanny on a part-time basis in the electorate office, so she didn?t have to pay a babysitter to look after her children before and after school and on weekends. End of quote.

Hunter S. Thompson once wrote that ?the servant problem is the Achilles heel of the rich?. Ever since it became illegal ?to cut their tongues out to keep them from talking,? talk they eventually would, especially if their employer is a mean-spirited, obnoxious, grasping bully forever trying to hump the help.

Staffers are the servants of the political class. Certain politicians would apparently do well to keep the servant problem in mind.