Larry Williams on gutless thugs shutting down free speech

Larry Williams echoes what we are all thinking: Quote:

So here?s my take on what happened around Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux.

We had some far left, anarchists, protesters, whatever you want to call them, all worked up, fretting over a couple of Canadian speakers

They were getting all set to go along, jump up and down, scream, rant, get all hysterical at how terrible it all was that two people should be allowed to talk about things like Islam, feminism, immigration, political correctness and those sorts of things.

As to the owner of the Powerstation who pulled the plug, what I understand is that there is more than one owner. One was okay with it, one owner wasn?t, but we?re also told there were some social media attacks and they pulled the plug. It?s a private event, they?re able to do that.

The headline though was extraordinary: ?Alt right activists in limbo after venue backs out of hosting event?

The alt-right tag has been a common headline in the media. It?s lazy, sloppy, journalism.

Southern is clearly not alt-right. She is not a white nationalist movement with links to neo-Nazism

I watched Southern in a debate week before last on Sky News on multiculturalism. There was nothing that was outrageous – nothing! In fact, it was a good debate between people with different points of view.

Here?s the thing: Southern?s view on multiculturalism is very similar to German leader Angela Merkel.

Merkel said, and I quote, ?The country?s attempt to create a multi-cultural society has utterly failed?

Merkel said “the idea of people from different cultural backgrounds living happily side by side did not work. Multiculturalism leads to parallel societies and therefore remains a life lie or a sham.”

Here?s the question: can you not even debate those ideas in this country, even if you dont agree with them? Agree, don?t agree, you can?t debate?

Well, you can?t. Not if the Mayors, the councils, the political activist groups make enough noise, make threats, even violence, go all hysterical. They win.

And the law abiding people holding a legal, peaceful event, they lose.

And I do note the Aussies weren?t that gutless.

The Powerstation owners are the most gutless of all. They’ve had many offensive acts at their venue, and they caved to thugs threatening them. They should hang their heads in shame.

The mainstream media, especially Patrick Gower should likewise hang their heads in enduring shame.