Lefty echo chamber exposed by lefty echo chamber

Caption: A QandA panel disappearing in a cloud of left-wing smug. Digital Image: Lushington Brady

As the Long March through the institutions continues, the left tighten their stranglehold on the public square. From the capture of academia by bien pensant lefists, to the social media purge of dissident voices, the left are determined to turn every institution of media and culture into an echo chamber of leftist orthodoxy.

Sometimes the spread of stultifying leftist groupthink becomes so obvious that even lefty echo chambers are embarrassed about lefty echo chambers. Quote:

The ABC will put a special Q&A Melbourne Writers Festival event to air tonight, featuring one writer who isn?t actually invited to the festival. End of quote.

Q&A is a left-wing echo chamber par excellence. When it comes to smug lefties synchronously agreeing with each other, it brooks few rivals.

Except for ?Writer?s Festivals?, that is. Quote:

In tweets and other advertising last week, Q&A has been forced to promote a ?literary special? featuring writers who ?write about Australia? because one of their preferred guests ? The Aus?tralian?s Trent Dalton ? wasn?t invited to the Melbourne Writers Festival.

The festival, an event largely funded by taxpayers, has come under fire this year for the soft-Left, politically- predictable nature of its programming under new artistic director Marieke Hardy. End of quote.

Hardy is the grand-daughter of old commie firebrand, Frank Hardy. But, unlike his leech-like progeny, Frank at least wrote books that people bought. Quote:

Hardy invited not one full-time employee from The Australian, ?despite many having books out: James Jeffrey, whose My ?Family and Other Animus about the calamitous effect of his parents? divorce came out earlier this year, isn?t going, and nor is Rick Morton, whose One Hundred Years of Dirt argues, among other things, that media people live in a class bubble that makes them removed to a ?ridiculous degree from the lives of their readers.

The Australian?s foreign editor, Greg Sheridan, whose book God is Good for You about Christian values was launched this month by Malcolm Turnbull, likewise didn?t make the list.

Of the 447 artists and writers invited to the Melbourne festival, only one is a full-time News Corporation employee: Shelley Hadfield, from the Herald Sun, will be there. End of quote.

All that may sound like sour grapes from the Oz, but the truth is that The Australian is the biggest outlet for conservative writers in Australia (although, unlike its counterparts, it is an ideologically broad church which regularly features leftist writers as well). In this case, The Australian is a proxy for conservative writers and the absence of any of its stable highlights the astonishing bias of the Melbourne Writer?s festival. Quote:

By contrast, Fairfax, the ABC and the Guardian website are well represented by Waleed Aly, Will Anderson, Annabel Crabb, ?cartoonist First Dog On The Moon, Clementine Ford, Richard Glover, Benjamin Law, Tony Martin, Andrew P. Street, Myf Warhurst, Eddie Ayres, Richard Baker, Rachael Brown and scientist Karl Kruszelnicki. End of quote.

All leftist publications. All left, and indeed many far-left ? well, ?celebrities? is far too strong a word for most. Quote:

The failure of the Melbourne Writers Festival to invite Dalton is perplexing.

While the festival is known to lean Left, Dalton is not a conservative. He is a two-time Walkley Award winner, who writes mainly for The Weekend Australian Magazine. His debut novel, Boy Swallows Universe, has become a publishing sensation. End of quote.

There?s nothing perplexing about it at all. Hardy, like so many chuntering socialists, is only interested in chattering with her friends, all of whom will never say anything at all unless they?re absolutely sure that every one of their chums agrees with them. Inviting a writer from The Australian to one of their publicly-funded beanos is about as likely as Trotsky getting invited to Stalin?s birthday party.

Besides, inviting an actually successful writer to a love-in of taxpayer-funded unreadables would just be embarrassing for everybody. Quote:

The Australian understands that the team behind Q&A was amazed that Dalton hadn?t been invited, and refused to drop him from the show, instead rebadging the episode.

Having for years ?come to you from the Melbourne Writers Festival?, yesterday?s tweets described the program as being ? live from Melbourne?. End of quote.

So, now we have the situation where lefty echo-chambers have to run cover for even louder lefty echo-chambers. Can?t have the hoi-polloi catching on that their own money is being used to pay for a bunch of middle-class, middlebrow socialists to circle-jerk each other under the wine and cheese table.