Leighton Smith on Cindy’s business council

Leighton Smith is unimpressed with Jacinda Ardern’s virtue-signalling and her business council talkfest: Quote:?

Jacinda Ardern announced yesterday, that she is setting up a Business Advisory Council to ensure the Government knows what businesses want.

Basically, she has given us another conversation. That’s it, we must have another conversation about that. And so she says, this is who is going to head it, and it’s going to be wonderful.

It won’t resolve anything, over any period of time.? ?

There will be a bunch of social justice warrior CEOs all lining up to do their bit for the country, except if they spent more time on their businesses instead of worrying about the country’s cultural direction things may be better off in the first place.

Seriously, it really gets under my skin that we have so many of them, 62 people signed up to this climate thing, what a bunch of tossers, every one of them.

Why? Answer the question yourself, what is their job? Your a banker, whats your job?

Is it to save the planet from so-called climate change? Half of them must know that nothing they do will have nothing to do with it.

Nothing they do will contribute to anything. They are there to be seen and be part of the group. It is basically a think group. End quote.

Worse, it is group think group. There is a video going around on social media in Australia that is as relevant to our politicians as it is for theirs.