Let’s party like it’s 1938

There are much better Whaleoil writers than me covering the fall of free speech in New Zealand today. But let me lend my voice to the cause as well, because I would hate anyone to think that I am not totally horrified by what has happened here in the last 24 hours.

I cannot deny I knew a number of Oilers were going to the Lauren Southern/Stefan Molyneux event, and I was worried for them. I know they are not stupid, but it was clear that the Auckland Peace Action people and their contacts were gunning for a fight. I was really worried about that, but? was equally worried about the consequences to our rights and freedoms if we gave into thugs. And the Oilers were most certainly not giving in to thugs.

But the thugs won anyway.

Most New Zealanders, waking up today, will have no idea that one of their essential human rights has just been taken away from them. We have all just slid a bit further down the slippery slope that takes us to the long march to communism. And most people don’t know it.

Most people didn’t know it in Germany in the 1930s either.

Welcome to the Third Reich of Neuzeeland.