Let’s play connect the dots to help find National’s dirty little leaker

Let’s join some dots in order to help find National’s dirty little leaker:

  1. They know Trevor Mallard’s mobile number.
  2. They know Simon Bridges mobile number.
  3. They talk to Tova O’Brien.? ?
  4. They talk to Jo Moir.
  5. They had access to caucus expenses reports.
  6. They are getting “help”.
  7. Someone who thinks they are about to be snapped.

Now, the interesting part of this is access to Trevor Mallard’s mobile number, because every National MP would have Bridges’ number and the media numbers.

Find those in caucus with Trevor Mallard’s mobile number and you will find a very small number of people. Those would include whips, former whips, and people who would need to have dealings with Mallard on a day to day basis…oh and those who go cycling with him.

I happen to have Mallard’s mobile number, and Bridges. However, I categorically deny that I have active mental health issues and further deny, since people are speculating, that it was me who leaked. I certainly would never leak to Radio New Zealand or to Newshub, especially to Tova O’Brien.

This was a stupid leak, that has achieved nothing, as it was all going to be public anyway, and Simon Bridges was just doing his job, using resources allocated to him for that purpose. Tova O’Brien thought she’d be a clever clogs and has now unwittingly aided and abetted the identification of her source.

Frankly, I believe the excuse of mental health issues is just a bit too convenient.