Lies, immigrants and crime

Caption: Pay no attention, this isn’t really happening. Police quell gang brawlers in Federation Square in March. Picture: Jake Nowakowski/The Australian

There are few areas of public policy discussion that plumb the depths of cant and hypocrisy more than immigration. Even climate change debate is a model of honesty and diplomacy by comparison. Whether it?s confected outrage triggered by fake photos of ?children in cages?, or selectively railing against sensible policy purely on the basis of who promotes it, immigration debate is a toxic swamp of lies, sanctimony and humbug. Quote:

Many immigration advocates argue that immigrants have much lower crime rates than natives?however, the picture is far from clear. End of quote.

?Immigrants commit less crimes than citizens? is the towering whopper when it comes to the Big Lies about immigration. In fact, it’s a double-whammy of bulldust.

It?s a standard bait-and-switch gambit by open borders advocates to talk about immigration and illegal immigration interchangeably. But almost invariably critics, especially in the United States, are talking about crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

The biggest issue is finding useful data. American states don?t record the migrant status of offenders. So, illegal immigrant crimes are systematically obscured by authorities. Quote:

But the federal government does track the citizenship of those it convicts. New data?shows that of those convicted of federal crimes between 2011 and 2016, 44.2 percent were not U.S. citizens ? 21.4 percent, if immigration crimes are excluded. In comparison, non-citizens are 8.4 percent of the adult population. Of this 8.4 percent, about 4 percent are illegal immigrants and about 4 percent are legal immigrants. End of quote.

What is interesting about this data is that it shows that both non-citizen legal and illegal immigrants are over twice as likely to commit non-immigration crimes as citizens. Even when the basic crime of illegal immigration is excluded, immigrants are still heavily over-represented in crime.

But even this isn?t the full picture. Because only Federal crimes are tracked, the actual crime rate of non-citizens is possibly much higher. Of course, it may be lower, so we can’t precisely say. But it stretches credulity to argue that people committing Federal crimes are at the same time less likely to commit others. Quote:

Those convicted at the federal level are not necessarily representative of all criminal convictions in the United States?[but] in the federal system, where we do have good data, non-citizens account for a disproportionate share of those who are sentenced for many different types of non-immigration crimes. End of quote.

Even this data probably disguises the true level of criminality among non-citizens, because charging illegal immigrants only for illegal immigration even when they have committed other, serious crimes is sometimes the easiest path for prosecutors. Quote:

Because it is easier to make an immigration case, federal prosecutors sometimes charge illegal immigrants only with immigration violations, even when they have committed serious non-immigration crimes. Once convicted, an immigrant will still normally serve some time and then be deported, which is often seen by prosecutors as good enough. This, of course, does not happen with citizens. But because of this, conviction data for non-immigration crimes will tend to understate the level of criminal activity among non-citizens. End of quote.

Even in Australia, the lies by the pro-immigration lobby are just as brazen. For instance, the open borders intelligentsia pooh-pooh the very notion of African gang crime in Melbourne. They argue that crime in the state of Victoria has actually decreased, and anyway, it?s just raaacist to claim that Africans are over-represented in crime statistics.

The first claim is yet another bait-and-switch: overall crime rates have indeed decreased marginally, but specific crimes which are associated with African gangs, such as assault, home invasions and car-jacking, have skyrocketed.

The second is a flat-out lie. It?s a lie even when peddled by senior police, as the data plainly shows. Sudanese migrants are nearly 30 times more likely to be commit assaults than other Victorians; motor vehicle theft 50 times more likely, and aggravated assault a stunning 85 times more likely. And that’s not taking into account Victoria Police’s policy of avoiding arrests.

Of course, African migrants in Melbourne certainly don?t represent all migrants. But their crimes serve to puncture the stinking cloud of smug flatulated by the immigration lobby.

Thomas Sowell wrote that, ?Immigration laws are the only laws that are discussed in terms of how to help people who break them?. But the lies and hypocrisy don?t stop there. Lies about immigrants, illegal immigrants especially, and crime have long been the stock-in-trade of immigration spruikers. Number by number, the data punches through the smokescreens, and pulls their lies to pieces.