Like comedy, hit pieces are all in the timing

I?m not the world?s greatest fan of Julian Assange. As the great Jack Marx once wrote, hackers like Assange often seem less motivated by high-minded ideals that the simple thrill of a late-night smash-and-grab, with an often-cavalier attitude to the resulting collateral damage. The Collateral Murder video also showed that Wikileaks are as effective propagandists as any when it suits them.

I also find it hard to swallow the claim that Assange is a ?political prisoner?. Unlike Tommy Robinson who was literally banged up by the state with no due process, Assange seems only a ?prisoner? by his own choice.

Nonetheless, it is also undeniable that Assange has posed a threat to some powerful establishments. So it is no surprise that there has been a relentless and coordinated propaganda campaign against him. The essence of comedy, they say, is timing. Hit pieces are no different. Quote:

Early yesterday, journalist Duncan Campbell published an inaccurate, deceptive smear piece [?] what might have provoked Campbell to publish such a long-winded, factually baseless attack at this particular time?

[?] a significant escalation in attacks – some virtually simultaneously – on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange over the last few weeks has become all-too-visible. In this context, it comes as no surprise to see the publication of a hit-piece against an independent media outlet, journalists and whistleblowers who have factually critiqued the NeoMcCarthyist legacy press Russiagate hysteria at this time. End of quote.

So, what is the link between Assange and Russiagate, and why would the Deep State be so keen to smear him and others right at this particular moment? The answer, it is claimed, lies in the news that Ecuador may imminently kick Assange out of their embassy. Quote:

The answer to this comes from the strong possibility that, upon expulsion from the embassy, Julian Assange could provide proof that the DNC emails and Podesta emails published by WikiLeaks were not sourced from Russia, or backed by the Kremlin, all without disclosing the identity of the source. Hence, the need for a one-two punch: first, to smear WikiLeaks‘ reputation, and second, to invoke the unholy name of Guccifer 2.0, yet again, as a ‘Russian hacker’ by smearing those patriotic Americans who have dared question the Deep State’s constant lies.

Another factor which may have played a role in the timing of Campbell’s doxxing of Adam Carter has been the widespread reach of Carter’s recent report published with Disobedient Media, which rebutted the latest Mueller indictments virtually line-by-line. The piece managed to go semi-viral within the last two weeks, reaching tens of thousands of readers. End of quote.

The smearing appears designed to not only bolster the flagging Russiagate conspiracy theory but to try and bully and smear independent media exposing shocking dirty tricks in the E.U. Quote:

Computer Weekly?s decision to attack reporting critical of the European Union (EU) and European politicians shows an increasing desperation to control a narrative that has become severely challenged due to EU failures in dealing with the migrant crisis and concerns regarding continued integration of member states. The tech journal was specific in the articles it chose to target:

  • A report exposing corruption surrounding the European common defense force, now labeled PESCO, and the German government’s role in allowing some terror attacks to occur on European soil;
  • Documentation of London Mayor Sadiq Khan?s systematic and routine association with individuals and organizations with ties to Islamic Terror groups such as Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the Al-Nusra Front over the course of his career;
  • Daring to mention the fact that documents published online (which to this day have never been either verified or proven to be forgeries) claimed Emmanuel Macron was in possession of offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands. End of quote.

The E.U establishment and the U.S. Deep State have lost the plot. Having set the world on fire, they?re now busily shooting the messengers, left and right. Quote:

The decision to double down and attack independent outlets such as Disobedient Media and WikiLeaks shows a pervasive insecurity on the part of the Western political Establishment. Rather than address the issues which have led to problems across the West, a decision has been made to ignore them in favor of consolidating an untenable position. End of quote.

There might not be much that Whaleoil and Wikileaks agree on, but pushing back against attacks on independent media by a ruthless establishment is one platform where we should all stand shoulder-to-shoulder. As Disobedient Media‘s tagline says, the Truth has no bias.