Little Sadiq’s big, bad friends

Caption: What, me worry? It’s all part of life in the big city, says extremist-loving Sadiq

As I?ve previously written on Whaleoil, finding the fabled ?moderate Muslims? is a bit like hunting snarks: the maps are blank, and harmless Snarks sometimes turn out to be deadly Boojums. London Mayor Sadiq Khan is supposed to belong to this storied tribe if anyone does. When former Prime Minister David Cameron alleged that Khan was linked to the Islamic State terror group, all hell broke loose.

But it turns out that ?little Sadiq? may just be a big, bad Boojum, after all. Quote:

An investigation by Disobedient Media has determined that Khan has ties not just to organizations associated with ISIS, but also groups such as Hamas, Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. During his time as mayor, London has seen an increase in terror incidents?Rather than focusing on combatting terror, Khan has used his forum to?[state] that the West must learn to live with terrorism as a part of daily life.

Khan has openly associated in the past with individuals and organizations tied to Palestinian terror group Hamas?[He] was a member of a delegation organized by the Muslim Council of Britain. End of quote.

The Muslim Council of Britain was not only established and run by the Muslim Brotherhood but also linked to Hamas and others. Khan has also spruiked for Taliban terrorists. Quote:

Khan went to visit [terrorist] Babar Ahmad on multiple occasions?not in his capacity as an MP, but as a friend. End of quote.

His list of murderous Muslim mates just keeps growing? Quote:

Sadiq Khan has historically maintained close relational and professional ties with groups associated with both Al-Qaeda and ISIS. During the 1990?s, Khan?s brother in law Makbool Javaid gave fiery public addresses advocating jihad and whose name even appeared on a fatwa calling for holy war against the United Kingdom and United States. Javaid was a member of the Islamic group?[connected to] Parliament attacker Khalid Masood, Lee Rigby?s murderer Michael Adebolajo and Abdul Waheed Majeed, an Al-Nusra affiliated militant who in 2014 became the first British born jihadist to carry out a suicide attack in Syria. End of quote.

Khan has tried to play down his terrorist family connections, yet he has shared a stage with more convicted terrorists, and groups run by the likes of the notorious Anwar al-Awlaki. Like New Zealand?s own Golly Gee, he also fights for murderers. He was also the only practising Muslim on the legal team of convicted 9/11 plotter Zacarious Moussaoui, currently serving six life sentences without parole.

But he doesn?t just hobnob with terrorists and Islamic supremacists, he also spouts their intolerant rhetoric. Quote:

Khan has a long history of making off color comments justifying sectarianism and terror. He has repeatedly had to apologize for comments he has made smearing moderate Muslims?he referred to moderate Muslim groups who commonly lead the fight to curb Islamic extremism as ?Uncle Toms??he has had no qualms about fomenting sectarian strife. End of quote.

Khan said nothing when thousands of Muslims waving Taliban flags marched in London, calling for a global Caliphate. He also happily appeared on the Islam Channel, which has routinely attacked women?s rights, advocating marital rape and violence. Quote:

In addition to his appearances at events alongside individuals who have demeaned and denigrated women, Khan also accepts funding from financial backers who promote extremist figures who have repeatedly expressed contempt for women?s rights?[as well as] supporting female sex slavery, beating one?s wife, the death penalty for those who renounce Islam and the prohibition of homosexuality. End of quote.

And as London grows more lawless, Khan ignores or plays down an epidemic of terrorism, and violence against women, especially acid attacks. Quote:

In 2016 alone, London saw 431 acid attacks, a rise of over 170 cases from the previous year?For well over a year now, London has been hit with a number of terror incidents. In some cases, these incidents appear to have been minimized by both authorities and the media in an attempt to stile public panic. Despite the denials by authorities in many cases, the confiscation abroad of large weapons shipments destined for London and the recent attack on Parliament makes it clear that the city?s terror problem is more serious than is publicly acknowledged. End of quote.

When anyone tries to point out Khan?s shocking legacy of extremist rhetoric and support of terrorist figures, they are predictably howled down as ‘racists’. But the facts speak for themselves. Quote:

The extremely concerning connections between Sadiq Khan and those who participate in terror, promote extremist ideologies and advocate for the marginalization of women?s and LGBT rights raise very serious concerns. End of quote.