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Culinary map of Europe according to the Italians

Yanko Tsvetkov, the man behind the?Culinary Horrors of Europe Map, has created another food related map titled: The Culinary Map of Europe According to Italians.

Italy of course is at its core, the only place you can find real food. Then radiating out you have other Mediterranean food that?s mostly safe to eat, although some caution may be advised.

As you go north the food gets more fattening, then tasteless, then aesthetically tasteless and finally arriving at Scandinavian, Scottish Highland and West Irish food which is Toxic.

Also worth noting are a few of the details. Travelling west you have the Overcooked Pasta Meridian and eventually ending up with Fake pizza in America. Travelling east you quickly reach the Muddy Coffee Meridian and ending in Fake pasta in China.

Going north you reach the Supersized Coffee parallel, then the Culinary Dispair Line and finally the San Umberto Nobile line, named after the Italian Arctic explorer and aeronautical engineer who was the first to fly across the polar ice cap from Europe to America (Hey fake pizza?s better than no pizza!)