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Every Country Invaded by France

The map above shows just about every country that has been invaded by France one way or another.

The various ways include:

  • Invaded
  • Colonised
  • Former part of an invaded country
  • Fought against but did not invade
  • Fought on the territory but not against the country
  • Airstrikes without land troops
  • Temporary Settlement/occupation

As with any map of this type the terms and timelines are highly subjective. And misses several countries, for example:

  • Ground troops in Libya during WW2 (see?Battle of Bir Hakeim)
  • Argentina (see?French blockade of the R?o de la Plata)
  • Most of South America still technically belonged to Spain during the Napoleonic Wars
  • Mauritius (See?Mauritius campaign of 1809?11)
  • Malta (see?French occupation of Malta)