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Monday’s to Friday’s MOTD is dedicated to Yanko Tsvetkov’s work. He’s a teller of stories, porkies and truth (well in some cases).

Africa According to Donald?Trump

Tracing the origins of Africa-America through the eyes of a very stable genius.

It?s an open question whether Donald Trump knows what Africa really is. In his head, what you an me recognize as a continent might actually look like a region located somewhere in the Bible Belt.

You know how the story goes. That region?naturally called?Africa-America? used to be full of hard-working people who were very bigly rich until one day the Mexicans appeared on their border,?armed with Lemon Pledge?and Fake Media. Shortly thereafter, the mighty African-American civilization plunged into steep decline (also because they didn?t levy taxes on Chinese opium). The glittering pyramids gave way to straw huts, and by the time the Europeans disembarked from their ships in search for new golf courses, everything looked very sad.

Now this sounds very funny in words but let?s face it, if I map it, its tremendous irony would wither like Crooked Hillary?s chances of winning the presidency. So I went classic. I loaded a real map of Africa, took an artistic license in assuming that Trump?s IQ has the capacity to comprehend something even remotely resembling a geographic reality, and went on with the usual jokes. Some made me laugh. There were a few that made me cry. The end result left me dazed and confused. Just like the real world in 2018.

Yanko Tsvetkov

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