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Welcome to?Eurabia

Monday’s to Friday’s MOTD is dedicated to Yanko Tsvetkov’s work. He’s a teller of stories, porkies and truth (well in some cases).

A chronicle of the impending Blitzjihad and the islamization of Europe

Chemtrails spotted the sky over the bronze statue of Nigel Farage commemorating his?We Shall Fight on the Pebble Stone Beaches?speech delivered to the House of Commons several years earlier, right before a hijacked zeppelin crashed into the British Parliament and killed a flock of pigeons nesting inside.

The remains of the disaster were turned into an open-air museum by Boris Johnson?s grandson, the newly elected UK prime minister. Faced with the difficult task to revitalize the wartime economy, he felt that Britain, one of the few remaining Christian nations in Europe, deserved a morale boost. Apart from the public museum with the carefully arranged pigeon skeletons on display, he completed the conversion of the last hair salons in London. They were turned into striptease clubs, where kidnapped Muslim women from the coast of Normandy were forcefully unveiled in front of cheering British patriots singing Handel?s?Hallelujah.

In Paris, the newly appointed Taliban mayor started disassembling the Eiffel Tower. The metal from the giant symbol of the French Republic would be later melted into swords for the Taliban soldiers in the planned invasion of Britain. The Louvre, frequently visited by members of the Taliban Youth, was turned into a?Museum of Degenerate Art.?It was the only place in the Taliban world where hysterical laughter was not only allowed but actively encouraged. Children who failed to at least giggle in front of the Mona Lisa were publicly flogged.

In neighboring Spain, a ten year disinfection program was just completed by the?Agency of Proper Eating Habits, under the direct authority of the Moroccan king. Christians caught eating pork faced immediate expulsion. Those who sheltered domesticated swine had their homes confiscated and were taken into special labor camps to the south, where the greatest engineering project of the century, the Gibraltar Bridge, was in full swing.

Official flag of Eurabia, from the Atlas of Prejudice

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona was deliberately destroyed when thousands of Muslims reported having nightmares after accidentally looking at the building and trying to figure out its purpose. A pregnant woman miscarried after she unintentionally spotted the cathedral when she sneezed so powerfully that her burka flew away and fell on the pavement. When she recovered and was released from the hospital, she was diligently stoned to death according to a clause in sharia law, which forbade pregnant women from sneezing in front of buildings with strange architecture.

To the east, Rome was experiencing a revival. The ruins of the old Roman forum were finally removed. The area got cleaned up and all the cats living inside it were castrated.

Italian men were getting progressively effeminate after the Saudi governor of Al-Apeninia, the official name of the country, doubled the amount of fluoride in the tap water. Reports of the first Italian machos growing breasts came from the area around Naples.

Switzerland, once the cradle of European direct democracy, was brutally annexed by Kuwait, and besides some newly built minarets nobody in the country noticed any difference.

The Great Empire of Kosovo conquered neighboring Austria, after the latter repeatedly refused to come to terms with its Nazi past and apologize for it. Vienna was declared the New Mecca, and all Muslims in Europe were obliged to pray facing the direction of St. Stephen?s Cathedral, which was turned into a mosque.

Germany was the only Muslim-conquered country in Europe that didn?t officially surrender. The German government in exile was based in China because when the Blitzjihad started, the chancellor and several of her ministers were on an official visit to a recently relocated Bavarian Weisswurst factory on the outskirts of Shanghai.

Berlin was partitioned among the wartime allies Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Djibouti, and Iran. The Brandenburg Gate was disassembled and transported to Baghdad. It was replaced by the Gate of Ishtar, moved out from the Pergamon Museum. The status of the city remains uncertain because the victorious allies split in two opposing camps after the occupation of Europe.

Only Britain, Poland, and Norway remained Christian in the aftermath of the Blitzjihad. The Norwegian king ascended to the Polish throne on an official ceremony in Warsaw, starting a personal union between the two nations. He promised to keep Polish traditions alive and extend the ban on gay marriage, abortion, and degenerate feminist propaganda.

Norway, famous for its ineffective military, escaped occupation because it hired Swedish refugees as war mercenaries. Oslo continued to be the most boring capital in Europe, even after the King unveiled a thirty-meter-tall statue of Anders Breivik in front of the Royal Palace. Its giant head hosted a rotating restaurant with a panoramic view of the city.

Yanko Tsvetkov