Maybe I should quit the blog & go work for Golly G

I am dusting off the old C.V because a fabulous job opportunity has come available. The position is Parliamentary Executive Support and Researcher to Golriz Ghahraman, MP

It looks exciting Quote

Working alongside Golriz Ghahraman, MP you will enjoy a fast paced and varied role. The purpose of this role is to enable Golriz to be effective in fulfilling her responsibilities to the public of New Zealand. end quote.

Oh. Oh dear. That would be quite a challenge. I could certainly give her a few pointers on how to stop saying stupid things like asking the minister of defence what he is going to do to protect New Zealanders from climate change for example.


While no two days will be the same, some of your responsibilities will be to:

[…]?Assist with social media management. end quote.

Hmm, I can see why Golriz needs some pointers on managing her social media. Only recently the hysterically funny hashtag #GolrizMyCV sent Twitter into a mocking meltdown. Then not long after that public humiliation had died down an Australian immigration lawyer Simon Jeans again brought the veracity of her claims to the public’s attention.

One part of the job description is to monitor newspapers and websites for issues of interest or concern. I can imagine that whoever is given the position will immediately become a daily reader of Whaleoil as finding and pointing out areas of political concern is our bread and butter.

At the end of the job description, I was very surprised to find out that the role was merit-based, stating clearly that ” The Parliamentary Service appoints on merit and is committed to EEO and good employer principles.”

It was then that I realised that my dream of working for Golriz was never going to happen. I had assumed that I could play on being a woman of colour to leapfrog the other candidates. I had assumed that because of the Green Party’s present gender imbalance in favour of women all the males applying for the position wouldn’t have a chance.

On a more serious note, I will be very interested to see who gets chosen for the position. Despite the claim of merit-based appointments the cynic in me predicts a trifecta: female, brown and Muslim. I look forward to Golriz proving me wrong but the virtue signalling is strong in that one and I am confident that I will get at least two out of three of my predictions correct.