Message to Eugenie Sage: ‘Hands Off Our Cxxs’

Newshub?reports: quote:

Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage wants Kiwis to be reintroduced to urban Wellington – and she’s suggested locals should stop owning cats in order to achieve the goal.

The community collective Predator Free Miramar, led by Dan Henry, is having success – with backyard traps making a big dent in the pest population.

“We’ve caught 1500 rats in a year, and another 1450 mice,” Mr Henry says.

But the Conservation Minister has suggested there’s another predator that needs to be dealt with: cats.

“I think gradually we’ll see people recognise that having wildlife thrive will mean having cats inside – and when your cat dies, then potentially not replacing it.” end quote.

Who exactly will benefit from the introduction of kiwi in Wellington? They are notoriously retiring creatures, so nobody will ever see them, even if they are there. I’m really not sure why she thinks that an urban area is a suitable habitat for kiwi. I would have thought they would be much better off in the bush areas a bit further away from the suburbs.

This all started with Gareth Morgan, of course, and now we have the inevitable clamour to take away more personal freedoms. It won’t end well for cat lovers.?quote:

Ms Sage believes people have a tough decision to make.

“Often people have a choice. Is it the native birds and wildlife, like the lizards, insects they want to thrive? Or is it the cat?”

Her comments came as she announced more than $3 million in funding to groups aiming to make the capital predator-free, with the ambitious goal of bringing kiwis back to urban Wellington.

“It’s not about turning the clock back to the 1800s,” says Predator Free Wellington project director James Willcocks. end quote

No, you are quite right. It isn’t. People were free to keep cats in the 1800s. Unlike today. quote.

“It’s about demonstrating we can live in a city, have pets, with a flourishing biodiversity.”

So is it wild kiwis or cats? The Conservation Minister is backing kiwis, but the public’s choice will likely be a bit more contentious. end quote.

But that is not true, is it? It is not about living in a city with pets and a ‘flourishing biodiversity’. It is about living in a city without pets. I thought that was the whole point.

First, let me say that I completely support the culling of wild or feral cats. Horrible creatures that do no end of harm.

But the problem for Ms Sage is that she is missing something really important. Cats don’t just kill birds. They kill rats and mice as well. Get rid of the cats, and the rat population will flourish. That will be just great for the bird population, won’t it?

Cats are nocturnal. Birds are (mostly) not. So if cats are allowed to sleep during the day and then go out at night, they will do very little damage to the bird population but will reduce the number of pests significantly. That is a win/win, surely?

It is not, of course, because Ms Sage is targeting the kiwi particularly which are, as we all know, also nocturnal. So everyone has to get rid of their pets because the kiwi numbers in Wellington MIGHT grow as a result? Even though the rat population will grow exponentially at the same time?

Ms Sage is miaowing up the wrong tree here. The bird population is better off with cats around, particularly if owners become aware of the problem, and keep their cats indoors during daylight hours. Now that would be a win/win, and is almost certainly achievable.

The Greens seem to be obsessed with words beginning with ‘C’ this week.? Here is another ‘C’ word for you. Cull. Don’t believe all the gentle rhetoric. Pet cats are on their way out. The Marxists have spoken. That is how it will be. We mere mortals have no chance against that.