Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the vainest Mayor of them all?


Goff?s vanity mirror
Digital image credit: Luke

As if his?Bastion Point statue?wasn?t enough, Phil Goff has decided to spend $260,000 on a mirror.

From the?NZ Herald: Quote:

A $260,000 mirror sculpture has been hung between two buildings in central Auckland to reflect the area’s architectural heritage.

The circular 2.4-metre-diameter artwork was unveiled today between “two notable 1925 heritage buildings” in O’Connell St, the Royal Exchange Assurance Building and Administrator House.

Karekare artist Catherine Griffiths said she originally conceived the work in 2012 as part of a sequence along the full length of O’Connell St, in response to an Auckland Council call for artistic proposals for the newly renovated street.


She said the original budget for the work was $80,000 and her own fee was “not anywhere near that”. She did not know how the cost had escalated to $260,000.

Budget blowouts appear to be the rule, not the exception at Auckland Council. Notice that the Council does not offer any explanation for this such a basic installation going $180,000 over budget. End quote.

The?Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance responds: Quote:

Jo Holmes, an Auckland Ratepayers? Alliance spokesperson, says ?While Aucklanders are struggling to make ends meet and pay the Council’s new regional fuel tax, the Council is mocking the poor with this sort of grand scale vanity project.?

?While public art has a place, blowing a quarter of a million dollars on a single installation is a total waste of money. There are far higher priorities than a giant mirror, especially for a Council that claims it needs new taxes to fund infrastructure.?

?It really would be a laugh if it wasn?t us ratepayers picking up the tab. If Mr Goff wonders why we can’t afford better infrastructure, he should look in the mirror.? End quote.

With these kinds of stunts, Phil Goff has screwed himself for next year?s election.

It?s no wonder more credible candidates on the Left are doing groundwork for their own mayoral campaigns.