More than $100k spent and no discernible improvement in his poll ratings

Simon Bridges has spent more than $100,000 gadding about the country-side following the old leader of the opposition playbook left behind by Phil Goff, David Shearer, David Cunliffe and Andrew Little, and all for no discernible improvement in his poll ratings: Quote:

Simon Bridges is spending up large – using taxpayer funding to pay for his limousine.

Newshub has been leaked MPs’ expenses, which show the National Party leader has spent far more money on travel and accommodation than MPs usually manage to chew through.

More than $100,000 has been spent over the past three months.?End quote.

So, a civil servant in parliamentary services can’t be trusted. I hope the government is going to look good and hard as to who may have leaked that.?Quote:

A BMW Crown limousine has taken Mr Bridges from Kaitaia to Bluff – including a quick Bluff oyster stop and table tennis in Pakuranga – which is all part of his three month ‘getting to know Simon’ roadshow.

But that doesn’t come cheap.

Not due for public release until later this week, the leaked figures show Mr Bridges has been splashing cash.

Travel and accommodation topped $113,973, and most of that – $83,693 – was spent on travelling the country by road and in style.

It breaks down to $919 a day – more than people earning the minimum wage take home in a week.

Opposition leaders do tend to pay more dollars for crown limos than ministers, although Andrew Little as Opposition Leader spent $35,000 less than Mr Bridges over the same time last year. Mr Bridges also spent more than Bill English over the same period – and Mr English was Prime Minister at the time.

It’s even a bit more than the current Prime Minister spent in the first three months of this year.

Mr Bridges acknowledges it’s a lot of money, but is unapologetic – saying he hasn’t spent too much.

“I’m working incredibly hard as Opposition Leader to get out there and understand what’s happening in New Zealand. I’m getting out and doing the hard mahi.”?End quote.

And Winston gets in a good sledge too:Quote:

However not all Kiwis Newshub spoke to are convinced – and Winston Peters isn’t convinced either.

“Is mahi a new M?ori word he’s learnt? If he means hard yards, he hasn’t been doing it,” he said. End quote.

Using pidgin Maori is also very lame and won’t get much support from National’s base.

Simon Bridges is just doing what every other leader of the opposition has done and ironically, despite spending more has achieved about the same results as?Phil Goff, David Shearer, David Cunliffe and Andrew Little in the personal popularity stakes.

Spending over $100,000 and not improving his personal polling at all is money poorly spent. Word is that although National is still polling high, Bridges own favourables are…well…let’s just say they need considerable improvement to make it into positive numbers. This won’t help.