Murdoch! Murdoch! Murdoch!

Caption: Rupert Murdoch eating babies

As it slowly dawned on even Malcolm Turnbull that Peter Dutton was likely to imminently boot him from the prime minister?s chair, the Australian left?s brains immediately began to melt and trickle out of their collective ears. Windows have been smashed. Lefties all over the luvvie-media are weeping that they?re ?terrified?. Any moment now, we?ll have protesters of indeterminate gender howling helplessly at the sky.

We?ve had Abbott Derangement Syndrome, then Trump Derangement Syndrome. Welcome to Dutton Derangement Syndrome.

And of course no left-wing brain-melt is complete without a good old conspiracy theory, starring the left?s favourite pantomime villain. Quote:

Is it any surprise that Malcolm Turnbull is facing his political demise less than a fortnight after Murdoch arrived here? Of course it isn?t. End of quote.

Fasten your foil hats, folks: it?s gonna be a crazy ride. Rupert Murdoch is to the left what George Soros is to the right. In the tiny spaces of the left?s febrile imaginations, Moloch – sorry, Murdoch – lurks in his underground mountain lair like some kind of Dr Evil wannabe, cackling maniacally as he pulls the strings of world governments. Quote:

Murdoch flew in on August 10 and set about doing what he always does: he attended the annual News Awards, which fete the company?s best and brightest journalists, conducted one-on-ones with his editors and then signed off on the inevitable promotions, demotions and executions of the company?s most senior staff.

(I once endured all three on one of his visits ? surviving a relatively benign one-on-one with Murdoch, accepting a News Award and then getting sacked, all in a matter of days.)

For good measure Murdoch also attended the 75th birthday of the Institute of Public Affairs on Monday night and was interviewed on stage with former Liberal PM, John Howard, by one of the media tycoon?s preferred columnists, Janet Albrechtsen. End of quote.

So, a businessman conducting routine company business, and a tacit admission that the conspiracist here has some personal animosity toward his target. For good measure, some strategic name-dropping of favourite lefty Goldstein figures.

But, from here on in, it?s all real make-believe stuff. Quote:

Throughout all this he would have been forming a view that Turnbull?s time was up ? in fact, he probably arrived with that view ? and then imparted that message to his editors.

He wouldn?t have had to tell his columnists or his TV commentators because they arrived at that view months ago and have been preaching it ad nauseum. Foremost here have been Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine and Peta Credlin.

They have been aided by an army of Sydney shock jocks, notably Alan Jones, Ray Hadley and Paul Murray. End of quote.

To call all of this ?speculation? is to dignify hallucinations as hard-headed objectivity. Quote:

While much of Tuesday?s party room drama was driven by Tony Abbott and his ultra-conservative cohorts, there were plenty of willing executioners within News Corp, its various arms and Sydney?s blowhard broadcasters. End of quote.

So, Guthrie admits that the leadership has been driven from within the party? Still, he?s got a conspiracy theory, and he?s gonna use it. Quote:

Journalists traditionally tread a fine line in leadership contests, forced to sift through leaks, whispers and background conversations when reporting a fast-moving story. On this occasion though, too many appeared to cross it. And most of those work for News Corp or its entities. End of quote.

Not only does this foil-hatted loon lack any facts to back up his post-hoc fallacies, his targets quickly shot back. Miranda Devine tweeted: Quote:

Bruce Guthrie, you?re a lazy fool. I work for Rupert Murdoch. I opposed both coups. I ridiculed Turnbull-haters. I even coined ?delcon? to describe delusional conservatives who dreamed of restoring Abbott to his throne. They called me ?leftie? in return. End of quote.

Frequent Newscorp columnist Nyunggai Warren Mundine generously described it as: Quote:

Joke of an article without any credibility. End of quote.

Finally, Chris Kenny described not just Guthrie?s article, but the whole sweep of Dutton Derangement Syndrome perfectly: Quote:

these people seem certifiable…all the paranoia and conspiracy theories of 18-year-old arts students. no rational thought. no facts. no nod to reality. End of quote.

18-year-old arts students with no rational thought, facts or grasp of reality? There?s the problem with contemporary mainstream journalism, in a nutshell.