Muslim commits horrific crime: Officials fret about poor widdle Muslims

Caption: Never mind the dead person: spare a thought for the real victim holding the cleaver

There is something suicidally masochistic in the mindset of Western elites. First, they insist that Western nations must open the floodgates to millions of unskilled, uneducated, and frankly (too often) uncivilised migrants from the shitholes of the world. Their motivation seems to be some kind of warped sense of imaginary collective guilt that stretches its rotting hand across time and space. Then, when the barbarians repay the generosity of the West with a wave of the most horrific crimes imaginable, the lickspittle Western elite wring their hands and weep at the thought that anyone might say something mean about the very people raping and murdering and setting the cities of Europe afire.

When Muslim fanatics gunned down the staff of Charlie Hebdo, opinion-makers tutted that the journalists had brought it on themselves. When Muslim refugees embarked on a coordinated orgy of New Year?s Eve rape and assault in cities across Europe, authorities kept it as secret as long as they could, because they were worried about ?Islamophobia?. When Muslim refugees explode packed nail-bombs outside pop concerts or gun down dozens of people at nightclubs, the elites fret about a ?backlash?.

Every time a Muslim migrant commits some new atrocity, the first thought of the political and media elite is for the poor widdle migrants. Quote:

The mayor of Offenburg has cautioned against anti-migrant sentiment after a doctor was reportedly stabbed to death in his own surgery by an asylum seeker, with his 10-year-old daughter forced to watch.

In what was a seemingly unprovoked attack, a 26-year-old Somali man is reported to have stormed a family doctor?s surgery at 8:45 a.m. without an appointment and stabbed the doctor, named by local media only as Joachim T., who died in one of the practice rooms shortly after.

The migrant also attacked and wounded a medical assistant named as Elke D. before fleeing the scene, where a knife was found by police. End of quote.

This is insane. If, when someone is brutally murdered for no reason, your first worry is that someone might say something rude to an Islamic supremacist in a hijab, your priorities are not just skewed, they?re criminally irresponsible.

As so often is the case the criminal was the recipient of the suicidally extraordinary generosity of the West. Generosity which is repaid with murder and mayhem. Quote:

A manhunt involving 20 law enforcement vehicles, a helicopter, and a dog squad was launched shortly afterwards, and officers located and arrested the suspect about one and a half kilometres from the surgery. He was identified as an asylum seeker who arrived in Germany in 2015 and was granted a residence permit to live in Offenberg. End of quote.

Trying to repress tensions doesn?t make them go away. It just means that they fester and grow worse. The longer the smug elite try and live in denial of what is happening in the West (what they have done) the worse it will be when they finally reach a breaking point. Westerners have been astoundingly patient, if not passive, in the face of repeated enormities by the hordes of mainly Muslim, mainly male, invaders from the shitholes of the global south. Quote:

Alternative for Germany (AfD) MP Stefan R?pple said there should not just be ?business as usual? following such a serious attack, blasting the ?failed migration policy? of the Angela Merkel-led Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Social Democratic Party ?grand coalition? government, and accusing them of carrying ?direct blame? for the murder.

?The policy of open borders does not help people in Africa, rather it will just result in African conditions manifesting here in Offenburg,? he wrote in a Facebbook post. End of quote.

Just as has happened in Melbourne, those ?African conditions? manifest as a crime wave that the elites steadfastly deny even exists. Quote:

Despite having a population of just 60,000 people the Baden-W?rttemberg town, which lies directly across the Rhine from the French city of Strasbourg, has become something of a ?crime hotspot?, public broadcaster DW admits in its report on the killing. End of quote.