National’s commitment to free speech is tissue thin

National climbed into the free speech debate over Stefan Molyneux and Laura Southern.

We now know that their commitment to free speech was tissue thin. National have opposed traitor and weirdo Bradley Manning coming to New Zealand to preach to the converted and committed leftists: Quote:

National is calling on the Government to bar ex-US?army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning from visiting the country next month.

Former Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse said?the “convicted felon” should not be allowed to earn money talking about her crimes, and it would “not enhance” New Zealand’s relationship with the US.

Manning, who was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified American diplomatic and military documents, has two speaking events scheduled in early September.

Her conviction for espionage and computer fraud means she is likely to require a “special direction” from the Government to allow her into the country.

This can come from a senior immigration official or Associate Immigration minister Kris Faafoi, who has the delegation for special directions.

Manning was granted a commuted sentence, not a pardon,?by former US President Barack Obama, so her convictions still stand.? End quote.

Bradley Manning is a fake woman, a traitor and directly was responsible for the deaths of patriotic members of various Western countries as a result of his traitorous actions, in conjunction with Wikileaks. That is appalling, but he has served his sentence, and is now out. I can’t see any reason to bar his entry to this country.?Quote:

A spokeswoman for Faafoi?said a request had not yet been received, and he would not be commenting on a decision ahead of actually making it.

Immigration New Zealand said no visa application had been received as of Monday night, but Manning’s representatives in New Zealand said they were in the process of requesting a special direction.

Woodhouse said if an application from Manning had landed on his desk while he was Immigration Minister, he would have denied it, and called on the Government to do the same.

“This is a?convicted felon, sentenced to 35 years in jail, coming in here for money,” Woodhouse said.

“She is wanting to be hailed as a hero for stealing military secrets and state secrets. She was convicted of very serious crimes.

“The discretion is not there to apply to a person who expresses virtually no remorse for her offending…There’s no rehabilitation, no remorse, the very purpose of her visit to come?and talk about her crimes.”

“The other thing to consider is that we have a very good and friendly relationship with the US, which I have no doubt would not be enhanced.”? End quote.

All potential valid points but not really that important.?Quote:

“I’m a firm believer in free speech. But I?don’t believe there is a basis to say that her crimes are victimless. We will never know because of the nature of her offending – whether there are people that were put in harm’s way,” Woodhouse said.? End quote.

A firm believer in free speech never starts their next sentence with “but”. Woodhouse doesn’t believe in free speech.

The man is a fool, he has destroyed National’s credentials around free speech with his inept phrasing.?Quote:

Green Party foreign affairs spokeswoman Golriz Ghahraman?said?Manning should definitely be let into New Zealand.

“She got her criminal convictions for acts that were in fact in the public interest. She doesn’t pose a risk for New Zealand in relation to anything that dates back to those convictions…It’s not like she was a drug or sex offender,” Ghahraman said. End quote.

It is a real shame that Golriz Ghahraman? didn’t stand up for the rights of Stefan Molyneaux or Lauren Southern. Her hypocrisy stinks as bad as the pits on your usual Green party supporter. Ghahraman knows all about standing with oppressors, especially when standing for a selfie with proven genocidaires and acting for their defence. I wonder if Bradley Manning will hold Golriz to account for being a liar?

If hard core leftists want to part with their cash to listen to a seriously confused bloke who likes to dress as a sheila then let them.

There is no but in a sentences supporting free speech, unfortunately Michael Woodhouse didn’t get that memo.