Name and shame the leaker

Name and shame

If the leaker of National leader Simon Bridges’ details is not publicly held accountable for their actions then from now on so-called leakers will be able to do political hit jobs with complete impunity. Mental health will be a get out of jail free card and will enable them to attack whoever they like. The police have not told Simon Bridges who the leaker is but they should be able to confirm whether or not they are actually a member of the National Party Caucus as they claim.

If they are telling the truth and the leak did come from National then they have to be fired…immediately. For goodness sake, if they really are mentally ill as they claim then they are not fit to be in the job and should be removed asap and given access to mental health support. The police should not be withholding this information from Simon Bridges. If they are not mentally ill then they should be fired for betraying their leader. There are no other options.

Leaving them in place and allowing them to stay anonymous and possibly lie about who they are is ridiculous. It is not kindness allowing this to happen it is stupidity. Bridges is a fool to allow himself to be put into this position. He can play the kind sympathetic card and still ruthlessly axe them. Personally, I do not understand why he feels that he needs to protect someone who sought to harm him. If this is how treats those who stab him in the back he is not cut out for leadership.

If we found out who Rawshark was, (the hacker who turned our lives upside down for years and who caused both Cam and I extreme emotional, mental and financial harm) do you really think we would protect their identity and worry about their mental health? Actions have consequences and if you can’t handle the consequences then seek medical help but don’t expect to be spared the consequences of your actions.

This whole thing is symptomatic of our weak society where the bad guys are turned into the victims. Terrorists for example always have ‘mental health’ problems and when Westerners are slaughtered in the West the focus is on the poor Muslim community?who MIGHT experience (non-lethal) backlash rather than the community who were the actual victims of lethal jihad.

I don’t care if the person now has mental health problems because they got caught. No one cared about Cam and my history of depression when we were both put under extraordinary pressure by the media and were hounded out of our home and forced to move to Whangaparaoa to escape them.

One particular left-wing blog editor at the time met with a group of people and openly relished the prospect that the consequences of Rawshark and Hager’s actions would be to drive Cam to suicide. He actually stated that he hoped that it would. Ironically that same man was at a later date put under a tiny amount of pressure (compared to what we were put through) and as a result became suicidal. He now talks about his depression and how hard done by he is. Funnily enough, I think he should take a concrete pill and harden up and the same applies to the leaker. They did the crime they can do the time. Cuddling criminals is Labour party policy. Since when did it become National policy as well?