No one cares anymore

I am really struggling to write about this. In fact, I have been deliberately holding back and avoiding writing about all the terrible things happening all over the Western world because they all have one thing in common. Just today a reader e-mailed the Boss to tell us that he is sick of reading articles about Islam. You know what? I am sick of writing about them!

The thing is that for every news story about Islam that I write about I have to read and ignore 50. The mainstream media stories have to be read as if they were written in code. Writing about an incident ( that has nothing to do with Islam) is an art form because the journalists have to pretend that the obvious isn’t obvious and to make believe that the subject of the news story was just an ordinary Frenchman, Canadian, American, Australian, Dutchman, Swede etc who ran down? people with a car or truck and who stabbed or threw acid or blew up or shot his victims while screaming Allahu Akbar.

Terrible crimes committed by Muslim men are so common now that people don’t want to know about the latest gang rape/child rape or rape gangs and they certainly?don’t want to hear about the latest rape and murder of a young?woman out for a night on the town. Their eyes glaze over at the latest news story about a ‘mentally ill’ man with an Arabic sounding name who was mysteriously radicalised on the internet but who co-incidentally had become very devout and was attending the local mosque.

It is all just a coincidence we are told ad nauseam and has NOTHING to do with Islam.

A few days ago a shocking?story was revealed and as yet our mainstream media have shown no interest in it. Is it because it is so blatant that even their usual techniques would not be able to sanitise it?

Australian based Whaleoil writer Lushington asked me, “How the hell is this not all over the news? Can you imagine the unholy, screaming meltdown from the MSM if this was a right – winger?”

You may not want to read this and I certainly do not want to write about it but here is a basic summary of the facts so your eyes can quickly glaze over and you can go back to feeling safe and protected knowing that this kind of thing will never happen here.

Fact one: A Muslim training camp was found in New Mexico where young children were being trained to commit school shootings.

Fact Two: The remains of the 3-year-old?son of the man who ran the camp was discovered on the property.

Fact Three: 11 starving and ragged children were rescued.

Fact Four:?Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and four other adults are accused of teaching the young children how to use guns to commit massacres.

Fact Five:?Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was heavily armed when he was arrested and had abducted his young son before his death.

Fact Six: The suspects were described as “extremists of Muslim belief”.

Fact seven: In the courtroom, one of the suspects’ father yelled out “Allahu Akbar”

Fact eight. The family of the suspects denied that the children were starving?and claimed that the suspects were “peaceful adult settlers who were homesteading and trying to establish a peaceful community away from society. They claimed that “They just went about it the wrong way.”