No surprises victims are fuming with Little’s catch and release plans

Victims of crime are fuming about Andrew Little’s soft on crime conference:

The mother of a murdered three-year-old girl?said she could not hold back the tears after hearing about a?M?ori woman saying Europeans could?not know what it was like to be?victims of crime at the Government’s criminal justice summit.

In 1997 Luke Frederick Sibley – then 18 -?suffocated and strangled Brittany Crothall, 3, while she slept at her home in New Brighton, Christchurch.

He then entered the bedroom of the toddler’s mother, Jayne?Crothall, and attacked her with a hammer and a knife.

Crothall said Brittany,?who was part?M?ori,?would have turned 25 on Wednesday making the underlying prejudice?all the more painful to hear.

She said another victim – whose?sister was murdered – was told she was “white and privileged”? – both messages leaving Crothall in tears?and her blood boiling on day one of the summit in Porirua on Tuesday.

“This is a horrendous summit for victims – we’ve been re-victimised. There’s been a lot of racist comments,” she told the 500-odd gathered?experts, academics and advocates, victims, ex-prisoners and frontline justice workers.

Crothall said the long-term overhaul of?the criminal justice system?- the aim of the summit – was obviously a complex task but there was too much blame, a lot of excuses and too many voices of academics and experts rather than victims.

That is despicable racism that wouldn’t be tolerated if reversed. But somehow it is OK to slag off white people in New Zealand now. Worse, the minister excuses it.

The summit began in earnest in Porirua on Tuesday with?questions?over whether?M?ori?were being fairly represented?given their?high?prison numbers.

It has also met with scepticism from justice system insiders as well as National Party leader Simon Bridges who said it would be nothing more than a talkfest.

When asked whether he credited Crothall’s?suggestion the summit was racist towards Europeans, Justice Minister Andrew Little said he didn’t think it was racist.

Little said he had heard Crothall’s concerns and said the Government knew the country had a criminal justice system where?M?ori made up 51?per cent of the prison population.

Little said that was a challenge that needed to be taken seriously and dealt?with.

The forum is a disgrace, and falling apart. Last week sopping wet, crim-hugging, liberal panty-waist Roger Brooking was slamming it. Now victims are slamming it.

The challenge is to get Maori to stop committing crime, then they won’t be the largest race in prison. Unfortunately this government is looking at the whole issue ass-backwards.

We don’t need or want a criminal friendly system. We want bad bastards locked up for a good long time.